VR Motorcycle

VR Motorcycle

VR Motorcycle is a computer-generated simulation that lets riders practice and develop their riding skills in a safe virtual environment. The experience is customizable and can be tailored to the rider’s needs.

Stunning realism: Race on 43” LCD screens with stunningly realistic graphics. Choose from several high-octane racetracks. 12 stylish customizations and signature stunts. Slipstream another player and drift into a curve with the motion platform feature.

Virtual Reality (VR) Motorcycle

A virtual reality motorcycle is a computer-generated simulation of a motorbike that allows the user to experience riding a real bike without the risk and expense of physical training. It typically consists of a VR headset, motion tracking sensors, and a motorcycle handlebar setup that mimics the controls and feedback of a real motorcycle. VR motorcycles can be used to train riders in a variety of conditions and scenarios, leading to increased confidence and skill in real-life situations.

The technology is able to accurately replicate the visual and auditory sensations of actual riding, including haptic feedback, which simulates the feel of leaning into a turn. The simulated environments also allow learners to experiment with varying road surface, weather conditions, and VR Motorcycle unexpected obstacles, which can be difficult or even dangerous to practice in real life.

However, a key challenge in developing the technology has been overcoming the problem of “VR sickness”, caused by mismatched signals between the body and the VR headset. Yamaha’s patent aims to solve this by allowing the system to recognize when you are looking at the ground or sky, and then overlay only the relevant part of the image on your vision.

Personalized elements like this ensure that the VR training process is not only enjoyable and interactive, but that it translates into confidence and competence on the road. For the industry, this is a critical step towards a future where modern education and safety protocols meet seamlessly.

BMW Motorrad MetaRide

Last year, BMW Motorrad launched an innovative eParkourer scooter aimed at young urban riders. It’s not an e-motorcycle or e-scooter — it’s a “multifunctional electric urban mobility vehicle,” in BMW’s words. And to help enthusiasts experience the CE 02, the company has created MetaRide, a virtual world that offers motorcycle fans the chance to ride around in the new scooter as their avatars.

The virtual space mimics real-world environments, allowing enthusiasts to navigate them on the CE 02 while also engaging in activities like playing virtual basketball and collecting tokens for their avatars. The digital brand space is designed to be a meeting point between BMW Motorrad fans and the brand itself, with the company planning to expand the platform with other products in the future.

In addition to the eParkourer, users can take virtual test rides of other BMW bikes and cars on MetaRide, as well as participate in races and collect points. They can also earn stylish jackets for their avatars, as a way of rewarding their accomplishments in the VR community.

The virtual world has been adapted to meet the requirements of various VR headsets, including Sony PlayStationVR, Oculus Rift, and Samsung GearVR. And, to make the VR experience even more immersive, the company is offering a special pair of smartglasses that are compatible with these systems. The glasses feature a built-in display, a battery that provides 10 hours of use, and 85% transparency for use with helmets or sun visors.

UNIS’ Ultra Moto VR

Developed in collaboration with IGS, UNIS’ Ultra Moto VR takes fantasy motorbike racing to the next level by incorporating immersive gameplay, realistic graphics displayed on a 43-inch LCD, and multiple high-octane racetracks. Players can choose from 12 sets of stylish customizations, trick out incredible bikes, and perform signature stunts. The game will also allow players to drift corners and slipstream another rider for an adrenaline-pumping experience.

Rather than using the Oculus Rift or other popular VR headsets, UNIS has developed its own 3Glasses Blubur S2 model that delivers a 90-degree view angle, 90Hz refresh rate, and a 6ms response time to immerse players in the action. It’s a pretty impressive piece of kit that demonstrates the company’s engineering prowess.

In addition to the 3Glasses VR headset, UNIS has incorporated a detailed swivel bike controller with LED lighting, a 43-inch HD monitor, a motion base, an intense bass vibration sound system, and an air blower that blasts players with gusts of wind during gameplay. The game will also work without the VR component for players who don’t want to wear the headset.

The cabinet itself comes as a twin set that can be linked together to support up to four machines (8 bikes). UNIS’ Ultra Moto VR will feature 24 tracks, upgradable parts, and a part upgrade system that allows players to increase the power of their motorcycles. It will also include a host of “dynamic events,” such as T-Rex dinosaurs or large monsters that appear to cause havoc on the track.

Owatch VR

Owatch VR is China Leading Virtual Reality Equipment Suppliers & Manufacturers and a Hi-Tech enterprise which specializes in the R&D, production, sales and technical service of VR simulator games including 9D VR Cinema,VR Walker,VR Racing,VR Machine Gun etc.

A one-of-a-kind immersive and interactive VR coin-op simulator ride that lets players compete side by side. The game offers a wide appeal and is fun for all ages to play.

The new X series VR Racing features an eye-catching ergonomic design that helps players master the virtual racing world with ease. It also provides the real feeling of being in the driver’s seat, allowing players to enjoy the thrill and excitement of the racing experience and become real drivers.

Owatch’s patented haptic technology uses ultrasound ouble VR 360 Motion Chair waves to create tactile sensations in mid-air, bringing the virtual world to life. It is the most advanced and practical way to bring the virtual world into the real world.

The X series comes with the latest high-definition image, achieving the highest picture quality in the industry. The world’s advanced electric motion platform greatly enhances the VR special effect, bringing the movie & game into the most realistic and immersive state.

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