Explore a Virtual Reality Spaceship Experience

VR Spaceship

Explore a Virtual Reality Spaceship Experience

Explore a realistic space simulator and learn more about the cosmos. Available for PC and Mac, this virtual reality experience is a good choice for newcomers to VR.

Filmed aboard the International Space Station over two years this four-part experience combines you-are-there scenes with interviews. A must for any space fan.


With virtual reality becoming more and more common, the world of space-related games is expanding. From visiting planets to battling hard in space and everything in between, there’s plenty to choose from.

Among the best VR space experiences, No Man’s Sky provides users with an entire universe to explore while fulfilling their role as an astronaut. With a variety of planets to visit, each with unique scenery, living creatures and problems, there are endless possibilities for exploration in this massive game.

Meanwhile, Mission: ISS offers the user a front row seat to the excitement of a rocket launch. From stepping into the shadow of the rocket to hearing the chest-rumbling sound of the SLS pre-launch activities, this experience is both informative and fun.

Other VR space experiences like Astronaut’s Journey serve as a virtual tour of the International Space Station. While there are moments of interactivity (like flinging yourself down the hallways and modules), the majority of the experience is passive, with a pink neon directive guiding the user to their next destination a few “feet” away.


As the name suggests, this is a virtual reality spaceship experience that offers VR Spaceship an immersive look inside a futuristic craft. The game doesn’t offer a ton of control options, but it is an excellent way to get acquainted with VR.

The experience is similar to an IMAX theater experience, but without the huge screen and 3-D images. Instead, the app uses two screens to display a simulated image for the user. The app could be improved by incorporating features like Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (S.L.A.M) to track the user’s head movement and offer more interaction and interactivity.

Some of the best VR space games include Mission: ISS, which lets players explore the International Space Station. The game also includes an experience that puts players in the front row of a rocket launch.

Other experiences include No Man’s Sky, which gives players the chance to explore a vast universe filled with planets and other cosmic environments. The game also includes a variety of vehicles and the ability to fly through star systems.


A large part of the immersion of VR comes from the audio. This is why sound designers are such a critical part of the process. They ensure that sound effects are recorded and mixed in a way that accurately mirrors the virtual environment. For example, if the game takes place in a forest, sounds like rustling leaves will be louder and more distinct when they are closer to your ears than when they are farther away.

VR Spaceship is no exception and features a great soundtrack by the renowned composer Benoit Charron, which helps to set the mood of the experience. It also includes the vocal performances of voice actors, which are key to bringing characters to life. These actors are responsible for delivering commands, whimsical chatter, and much more.

In terms of the audio component, our results showed that reproducing footsteps did not increase presence in VR. This is surprising, as other studies have found that this factor is important for VR, especially in tasks that involve walking. Additionally, the synchrony between participants’ steps and those reproduced by the VR system was very low.


The experience isn’t interactive but it is still quite a cool view of high tech spaceship control panels and grated floors. This experience is definitely aimed toward someone who enjoys technology and VR Motorcycle has a fascination with industrial design but doesn’t have the ambition to be a spaceflight astronaut.

Space Explorers is a free app for the Oculus store that allows you to take a tour of the International Space Station with archival footage from actual missions. It’s a good passive experience that gives you a taste of what it’s like to be a crew member aboard the ISS.

The Virtualtimes application is a European research project that uses VR to study the sense of time and treat patients with distorted time perceptions. This app has you enter a sci-fi robot and navigate around a virtual environment to answer visual targets while a device like an EEG monitors your brain activity. You can even play the game with friends! Sketchfab, an online repository of 3D models that can be accessed through headset browsers (think flickr for VR), has many scanned objects of interest including the Jezero crater on Mars and ice mountains on Pluto.


Whether you’re flying a Star Wars X-wing or fighting in a space battle, the best VR games for PSVR and PCVR headsets have a lot to offer. Star Wars Squadrons, for example, brings the thrill of huge space wars to your home.

It takes a different approach to the genre with its sci-fi setting and high production values, but still manages to deliver a lot of fun. You can explore a range of planets and interact with alien creatures in this game, which will entertain anyone who’s into space and technology.

There are some other realism-focused VR experiences out there, but they don’t offer as much interactivity as you might expect. One good option is the Emmy-nominated Mission: ISS, which lets you roam around the International Space Station while real astronauts guide you through archival footage. The level of detail is truly impressive. You can even grab onto walls with your controller and fling yourself down hallways or modules (although batting ketchup bottles about probably isn’t an ideal choice for a spacewalk). It might not be interactive enough for some, but it offers a unique glimpse into the life of an astronaut aboard the ISS.

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