Reborn Dolls For Therapeutic Purposes

Reborn, lively-looking dolls are handcrafted from a special silicone mixture. Since the turn of the millennium, the trend, which originated in the USA, has found numerous followers around the world. A reborn doll is more than just an adult toy. What’s behind it?

Does it Work?

A reborn baby fulfills a variety of needs. The realistic doll replicas of human newborns serve as a substitute and are often used for therapeutic purposes in medical facilities.

You cannot simply replace a loved one with another. That is also not the purpose of a realistic baby doll. Although the mothers know that it is only a replica, they care for their reborn doll like a real baby. Many of these women lost babies to illness or birth trauma. Perhaps the child was born still or a premature baby that was not viable.

The pent-up feelings and the love for your own child can be so strong that the grief seems unbearable. Mothers who have lost their children feel empty, useless, and often even guilty. The loss can lead to deep, life-threatening depression.

A reborn baby is therefore a recognized therapy tool that can alleviate a birth trauma, help to cope with grief, and give the mother new courage to face life.

People with dementia remember good times past and are happy. The immune system is sustainably strengthened by feelings of happiness. If the desire to have children is unfulfilled or a baby is lost, however, it is not an option for those affected to share a reborn baby with other people. You want to have a reborn baby all to yourself. Unfortunately, no health insurance company pays for the purchase of a reborn baby for private therapy purposes.

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