7 Useful Tips For Caring For Your Reborn Doll

A reborn doll is a life-like baby doll made by an artist, who carefully recreates each newborn baby detail on the doll from skin texture to heartbeat & sound. Reborn dolls can be incredibly realistic.

Caring for the reborn doll is quite simple, but every reborn doll owner should know the basics behind it. Here are a few things you should keep in mind when caring for your Reborn Doll so that she will continue looking as beautiful as the day you brought her home. 

Useful Tips For Caring For Your Reborn Doll:

Reborn dolls are delicate, and to maintain their beautiful quality, their owners must care for them properly. Here are some tips for caring for your reborn doll’s skin, hair, and clothes.

  1. Be careful when you sleep with your Reborn doll.
  2. Never clean your doll’s eyes with any hard object. Always use a soft piece of cloth.
  3. Try not to give your Reborn doll too many baths as it is very bad for the skin and hair. 
  4. Be particularly careful when she is wearing her outfit or shoes as they could be damaged by water or soap. 
  5. Dry the entire body of the doll after washing her hair to avoid tangling and matting of hair.
  6. Use mild shampoo to wash her hair, but take extra care when washing long-haired dolls as it tends to tangle more easily from excess shampooing. 
  7. Avoid using hot water for washing your doll as there is a possibility that the head may fall off due to the weak neck area that is created during the making process.

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