Perforated ceiling machine

Perforated tiles are also sometimes called Acoustic tiles. They are mainly used for the purpose of reduction of sound in a room. Using a perforated tile on the ceiling ensures that sound does not travel to the adjacent rooms or to the room above and below your room. These tiles also look distinctive with small holes in them. Are you interested in perforated tiles? We, at Guangzhou Smart Tech Technology Co. Ltd., have just the product for you: A baffle Ceiling machine. You might be wondering what makes this product special. Let us list out a few of it’s specifications:

  • This perforated ceiling machine has an advanced technology which enables it to do all the work automatically like: loading, cutting, sticking of textiles, and flattening. This makes the worker’s work easy as they can control the machine through an electronic device.
  • This machine is used by many companies and has a great reputation all over the world.
  • It is a hydraulic power sourced, 380V and with a power of 5.5kw.
  • Our perforated ceiling machine also has a CE certificate making it available for sale in all of the European unions.
  • Do you have particular style in your mind? Here, we have the ability and the resources to design and manufacture various moulds and machines as per your request. We would be happy to make the design you have in your mind and we also take care of the particular size you want the design in.

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