A thing of joy

Joysticks are input devices that are used to control the movement of a cursor or a pointer. A joystick is mostly used for gaming purposes. Some of its other uses are for graphic applications or academic applications for various projects in schools and universities. Without a proper and trusted joystick, it becomes difficult to navigate. Are you looking for an arcade stick for your gaming projects or academic purposes?

We, at Guangzhou Baoli Animation Technology Co., Ltd, have the best joystick which will fit your needs. You might be wondering what makes us so amazing that you would want to buy our product. Let us list out all the amazing specifications our ball top joystick has:

  • It has all the features as in JLf-TM-8T but is less expensive. It is very affordable.
  • It is a 4 way and an 8-way ball top joystick, meaning, the joystick has a switchable restrictor. You can adjust it as per your need and requirement.
  • The joystick comes with various accessories like a flat mounting plate, 4 microswitches, 2 black dust covers, and a red ball top handle. This is an all-inclusive joystick with everything you require. A black shaft cover is also included for your convenience.
  • We have excellent customer reviews on our product.
  • As we are a manufacturing company, you are bound to save money on your purchase as you would directly be buying the product from us.
  • Our product is customizable, hence fitting according to your specific need.

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