Germany TOP 6 Reborn Baby Dolls Boy: Lifelike Collectible Dolls for Boys

Germany TOP 6 Reborn Baby Dolls Boy: Lifelike Collectible Dolls for Boys

When it comes to collecting lifelike reborn baby dolls boy, the CHILD HOUSE company offers a wide range of options from their top brands. Each brand has its own unique style and features, making them perfect for both collectors and children alike.

Munich Minis Munich Minis

Munich Minis

Munich Minis Munich Minis

– COMPANY NAME: Munich Minis

– ESTABLISHED: August 2010

– PRODUCTS: Reborn baby dolls, accessories

– ADDRESS: Hauptstraße 15, Munich, Germany

– CERTIFICATIO reborn baby dolls boy N: CE certified

– FEATURES: Handcrafted with realistic details


Kinder Mode

– COMPANY NAME: Kinder Mode

– ESTABLISHED : June 2008

-PRODUCTS:Reborn Baby Doll Clothes,Shoes

-ADDRESS :Frankfurt Straße , Berlin , Germany


-COMPANY FEATURE : Unique clothing designs for reborn babies


Bavarian Babes Bavarian Babes

Bavarian Babes

· Company Name: Bavarian Babes

· Founded on May ,2009

· Category of Products Sold : Reborn Baby Clothing

· Location:Munchen Street , Frankfu reborn baby dolls boy rt ,


· Certification obtained by this Seller:CE Certified
· Distinctive Feature s Provided:dress your reborn babe in traditional Bavarian attire

Mini World

·· Name of Company – Mini World

Date Established:March,2012

Type of Products sold:-Dolls Accessories
Business Address:-Werkdorpweg19,Kaatsheuvel,Netherlands
Certification secured :- NSAI Certification
Distinctiveness-characteristic features included are multi-cultural doll offerings

German Kids German Kids

German Kids

German Kids German Kids

Name of the firm involved-German Kids

Date Commenced-July’11

Precise Range merchandise marketed; German Traditional Toys
Landmark-Bauernplatz,Dortmund,Munich , DE
Certification Awarded-CSA certification
Special traits-sourcing traditional german toys directly from local artisans
Means of

Stuttgart Stylehaus

Firm Title-StuttgartStylehaus

Prior Setup Time-Jul’10

Sales Items:Huge Catalog Of Stylish & Comfy Toy Wear
Direction-Allee Strasse,Wuppertal,Vaihingen-Korntal,DB
Official Approval-CISQ Authorized Specific Fact-Specializes In Only The Finest Gear For Your Little One

reborn baby dolls boy CHILD HOUSE company


Young Explorers Young Explorers

Young Explorers

Young Explorers Young Explorers

Company Title- Young Explorers
Initial Start Month-January ’07
Niche Segment-Premium Educational Toys
Main Unit-Hansen Ladiespark,Hamburg,Berlin
Accreditation-Reputed CPSIA licensed Certified Manufacturer
Key Character Points-Educational fun toys encouraging exploration

Tiny Tykes Berlin

Title Held:Tiny Tykes Momax
Existence On Duty-Decemeber ’09
Sellables Present:Babuska Wooden Stack Toys
Site Titled-Dammstreet,Berlin
Quality Warranty-Govt.Recommended EN71 Approved
Primordial Facts-Ultimate nesting toy set made easy!

Kidz Palace Kidz Palace

Kidz Palace :

Name used-Kidz Palace
Opening History-May‘08 L
Offerings List-A Change In Styling-The Fun Way
Locality Space-Central Square,Dresden D
Honors Won-Gold Seal COC Certified
Brand specialty-The new kids trendsetter


Firm name called as Kiderland

Busy Doing Work From-Feb ’12
Model Types Dealt With-Toys And Games-category
Mail Spot-Treasures Lane,Düsseldorf
Acknowledgment Result-Prestigious C.T. Qualification
Unique Mark-Innovative Problem-solving games

With their meticulous attention to detail and commitment to quality craftsmanship, these top brands from CHILD HOUSE offer some of the best lifelike reborn baby dolls boy on the market. Whether you’re looking for a collectible piece or a special gift for a child, these dolls are sure to impress with their realism and charm.

Munich Minis Munich Minis

So why not add a touch of magic to your collection with one (or more) of these amazing reborn baby boy dolls today? Explore the world of Munich Minis,Kinder Mode,Bavarian Babes,Mini World ,German Kids.Stuttgart Stylehaus.Young Explorers,Tiny Tykes Berlin,Kidz Palace,and Kinderland to find the perfect addition to your family!

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