VR Shooting Games

VR Shooting Games

Train your reflexes, cardio and coordination with free roam VR shooting experiences with realistic recoil haptics. Fight huge hordes of enemies and test your skills in thrilling multiplayer combat.

In the experiment, the expert shooters and regular shooters repeatedly performed the shooting process under real environmental conditions (real) and virtual ones (VR). The shooting accuracy and precision results were analysed quantitatively and qualitatively.

Sniper Elite VR

Grab your rifle and gaze down the scope in this sniper-centric spin-off of the popular series. This WWII sniper game offers a satisfying arcade action campaign and authentic weaponry, but a forgettable story and middling combat when you’re not using the sniper rifle detract from the experience.

Sniper Elite VR has a handful of neat features to add to the core shooting mechanics, such as a reward system that gives you bonuses for creative or tricky kills. These rewards are fairly small, but they add a nice touch of extra challenge to each mission. The game also retains the series’ positively wild X-ray kill cam, which shows off your marksmanship in all its gory glory.

The game’s visuals are quite good for a VR title, and they run smoothly on a base PS4. Moreover, the game never drops a framerate, even when the levels become hectic with enemies and explosions. However, the game’s graphics don’t match up to modern console standards. It’s a shame, since the sniping mechanics and grotesque X-ray kill cam are what make Sniper Elite VR worth checking out.

Lies Beneath

Lies Beneath is a stylish single-player survival horror experience that delivers equal doses of violence and fear. It is a dark and gritty game from Drifter Entertainment, the makers of PC VR co-op shooter Gunheart (2018), Rise of the Gunters (2018) and the Oculus Quest version of Robo Recall (2016).

The story follows Mae, a college student who is involved in a car accident that kills her father. She wakes up with VR Shooting her mind twisted and a trail of blood leading into the woods. She begins her quest to find her father and fend off a host of monstrous creatures.

The game is presented as a graphic novel adventure complete with comic panels, descriptive text and blocks of narration. It is one of the most stylized games for Oculus Quest to date, with a cel-shaded graphics style that looks like nothing else on the platform.

The game is also a great showcase for the Oculus Quest motion tracking system with smooth and precise handling of weapons, even when aiming at far-away targets. The sound design is also impressive, with eerie monster moans and an ominous musical composition that is sure to give players chills.


Breachers is one of those rare VR games that not only looks great but also feels really good to play. It’s loaded with features that push the boundaries of what a PSVR game can do, from dynamically rendered shadows to adaptive trigger haptics that help you nail every shot.

It’s easy to see why Breachers is called the Rainbow Six: Siege of VR, with its tactical 5v5 FPS battles that put players on the defending or attacking teams with access to different weapons and equipment. It also has a level-up and progression system, VR Spaceship and allows players to customize their guns with sights, lasers, and grips.

The Breachers alpha test is currently available through SideQuest for Meta’s Quest 2 headset, and Triangle Factory has confirmed that it will be released on all the major standalone VR platforms at launch. Its visually striking graphics set a new standard for PSVR games, with lighting and texture details that look like the work of an AAA developer. This is a high-quality experience that will keep you coming back for more.

Warhammer 40,000: Battle Sister

There’s no shortage of VR games that have allowed you to suit up as a space marine or elf, but few allow you to become part of the all-female elite order of the Adepta Sororitas and wage war for the Emperor. Warhammer 40,000: Battle Sister gives you that opportunity.

This first-person shooter hybrid also lets you dual wield firearms and melee weapons – Ophelia can hold a pistol in each hand, a gun on each hip and grenades in her belt. That gives the combat a lot of weight and variety that keeps it fun even after you’ve played the game through its linear campaign and endless horde survival mode.

There’s an extra layer of depth thanks to the fact that you can use each weapon in a different way – using a boltgun and power sword in tandem, for example, feels surprisingly good. And even though some enemies can begin to feel repetitive, the recurring appearance of Chaos Space Marines and other daemons means that there’s always something new to shoot at. That’s enough to make Battle Sister a worthy addition to the genre.

Resident Evil 4 VR

As a long-time VR player, the mechanics of free-form movement in this game felt second nature. Similarly to Sniper Elite VR, the gunplay feels satisfying and impactful as you eject your empty magazine, reach into your pouch for a new one, load it, then cock your weapon. Despite the fact that it can take longer than in flatscreen games to shoot and reload, the action is exciting and engaging as you play this iconic third-person survival horror saga in VR.

The VR version of this classic also offers a variety of other cool features that enhance the experience. The game’s puzzles, for example, now let you solve them in first-person by using the Oculus controllers as Leon’s hands to turn cranks or rotate images. You can even save your game by pressing the keys on a typewriter. This is the kind of smart refinement that makes Resident Evil 4 VR a worthy addition to the comparatively short list of robust headset-based shooters and a great choice for any PlayStationVR 2 owner. It doesn’t quite match the quality of the original or the best of its sequels but it is a fun twist on the franchise that shows what VR can do for an old classic.

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