Top 5 Games For VR Shooting

Top 5 Games For VR Shooting

VR Shooting is an immersive experience that immerses participants in a virtual world and allows them to interact with it using specialised VR guns that mimic real recoil haptics. It is an exciting and thrilling experience that encourages teamwork.

Contractors is a fast paced Multiplayer VR shooter for the Quest 2. Enemy and weapon variety is great but combat encounters can be repetitive after awhile.

Sniper Elite VR

Take aim and fire in this WWII-era shooter built for VR. Featuring astonishing immersion, authentic weaponry and the franchise’s signature sniping action, Sniper Elite VR offers an outstanding experience that puts you in the shoes of a rough-and-ready Italian resistance fighter with a definite penchant for putting holes in Nazis.

The game is a first-person entry into the franchise which shifts gears from the mainline games that put you in the shoes of a gravelly-voiced marksman named Karl Fairburne. It’s a change that works well and helps to focus your attention on the task at hand. This being a sniper game the bulk of your time VR Shooting will be spent lining up shots through your scope, and this is handled exceptionally well. In fact, it’s arguably the best-modeled scope in any VR game to date. You’ll need to properly align your head in order to get a clear sight picture but that’s not hard to do, and once you’ve got it figured out you’re going to have an absolutely incredible shot-making experience.

The X-ray kill cam is as impressive as ever and the rest of the game’s core features also make for a great time. Aside from some jarring voice acting and some unintentionally comical moments (including a certain scene with a tank) Sniper Elite VR is a blast to play.


Contractors is a fast-paced multiplayer shooter for VR that is sometimes called the Call of Duty of VR. It offers a variety of game modes including objective-based missions, shooting range gameplay against bots, and a free roam mode that lets you take on an assortment of enemies. It also features an impressive full body inverse kinematics system that makes it easy to move around and fight. The game is available for PC and Oculus Quest.

The results of this study indicate that the VR-SG can serve as a promising training tool for counterterrorism active shooter preparedness. However, further research is required to compare the performance of the VR SG with traditional shooting training methods for counterterrorism preparedness. It is also important to determine whether the VR SG can improve participants’ knowledge acquisition about recommended actions during an active shooter incident. Furthermore, researchers should assess changes in participants’ intrinsic motivation and self-efficacy.


VAIL VR is a multiplayer competitive virtual reality shooter that is designed to revolutionize the way games are played. Set in a future Earth divided between Colonists and REYAB, the game offers a unique take on social interactions and dynamic gameplay.

Play as either the colonist or REYAB factions and fight across twelve maps with a variety of immersive guns and game modes. With a focus on competitive integrity, the game is designed to ensure fair and equal gameplay for all players regardless of skill level. This is achieved by standardizing player height, player animations and net code. Additionally, the game features full body immersion through IK movement and virtual gunstock for a realistic feeling while firing. The game also includes a customizable controller layout to provide comfort for different playing styles.

AEXLAB is working with their community to continuously improve the experience and create an engaging environment that is safe for all users. Several updates have already been added including in-game progression, new weapon and avatar skins, two new maps and an “advanced matchmaking system.” AEXLAB recently launched patch 0.7.103 which also included enemy highlights, a server browser and various map changes. The company is preparing to release additional weapons, mode additions and customization tools for avatars, homes and lobbies once the game reaches full release later this year.

Lies Beneath

Lies Beneath is a VR shooter with a lot of heart. It takes some thematically bold turns, like a village that looks straight out of Resident Evil 4 and creatures that could be pulled from the pages of Lovecraft or Cthulu. It also features a wide variety of environments, some of which are fully destructible. This makes for a thrilling experience that will keep you on your toes as you hunt down and fight off ghoulish beasts.

There’s a nice variety of weapons to use in Lies Beneath, too. From silencer mods to fuel canisters, you can find a number of different ways to take enemies down without alerting others. You can also use a flashlight to illuminate dark areas and make your way through eerie locales in search of your father.

What’s more, the sound design in Lies VR Spaceship Beneath is fantastic. From monster moans to acoustic compositions, the game’s audio really works to heighten the tension and fear.

There’s also a sense of urgency to the experience, as you’ll often be scraping by with ammunition, especially when facing off against larger creatures. Lies Beneath is an excellent VR adventure and a welcome addition to the Oculus Quest’s library of games. It’s an example of what the platform is capable of, when developers don’t just opt for cheap jump scares.

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