Explore Australia’s 7500 Shipwrecks in a VR Submarine Simulator

Explore Australia’s 7500 Shipwrecks in a VR Submarine Simulator

Explore one of Australia’s 7500 shipwrecks in this immersive VR submarine simulation experience. Enjoy the quiet tension of hunting vulnerable merchant ships, dodging enemy Destroyers and launching torpedoes from under the ocean waves.

IronWolf VR immerses you in a cramped submarine and features realistic interfaces and tools for commanding your vessel. Firing the deck gun is extremely satisfying and can be a real test of patience when running away from pursuit.


This submarine simulator immerses players in World War II-era naval warfare. It VR Submarine features roomscale VR for up to four players and is playable as singleplayer or online co-op. Players must search for enemy ships through a periscope, shoot down planes with an antiaircraft gun, and use deck guns to engage in battle.

The game has an engrossing story campaign. Each room of the cramped submarine is detailed in great detail and each time you enter a new room, it’s like stepping into a completely different environment. This includes the command room, where you must navigate through narrow corridors, lock on to targets with a periscope in the weapons room, and load torpedoes before they are launched in the engine room.

Firing a deck gun feels very satisfying and the sound of depth charges sinking or exploding beneath the water is a nice touch. The hardest part of the game is trying to avoid ships in pursuit while simultaneously ensuring that your sub is optimally positioned to hit its target.

Unlike other submarine games, this one offers a wide range of missions that will keep players engaged and on their toes. It’s a great choice for both families and individuals who want to experience the thrill of submarine warfare. This is also an excellent way for kids to learn about the history of World War II and how to operate a real-life submarine.


Stunning high-definition graphics immerse players in a world where they feel as if they are diving beneath the surface. The stunningly lifelike underwater environments are populated with graceful clownfish, majestic dolphins, and mysterious sea animals. Thrill to the acrobatic displays of dolphins and penguins as they glide effortlessly through the water.

The game offers a variety of missions to complete and allows players to experience different parts of the submarine at different times. In addition, the game has a social component that lets players interact with each other through their virtual headsets. The game features a variety of weapons and has a multiplayer mode that supports up to four players.

The game is available in Early Access and is designed to support VR headsets. The game’s system requirements include a PC that is compatible with Windows 7 or later and upwards. In addition, the game also has a System Requirements Checker that automatically tests your computer to see if it meets the minimum system requirements for the game. This allows the player to avoid unnecessary purchases of hardware.


In this VR submarine game, you will experience a fully immersive virtual reality adventure. Immerse yourself in the beautiful and lifelike underwater world and explore it at your own pace. Stunning high-definition graphics and user-friendly controls make it easy to navigate this exciting and captivating game.

Every room in your cramped submarine is beautifully realized in Virtual Reality, giving you a sense of being inside a dingy steel tube floating beneath the ocean. Getting from one room to the next often requires you to turn a wheel or open a hatch, with each action revealing a new vista within your cramped vessel.

Each room is packed with details to discover, with the submarine being filled with everything from oxygen tanks and air conditioning to periscopes and nuclear reactors. Throughout your journey you will face a variety of enemies, including massive destroyers that will drop depth charges to bury you in the darkness of the ocean. Unleash your torpedoes on enemy ships to quickly dispatch them.

The controls in this VR submarine game aren’t the most tactile by any VR UFO Machine means, though they are serviceable with a standard controller or Xbox controller. To get the most out of this game however, you will need to install the SubmersedVR mod. This adds touch controller support, allowing you to play this incredible survival game with a fully immersive Virtual Reality experience.


In the VR environment, different tracks from Ableton Live will be represented as spherical sound objects in space with their respective labels and visualisation. When a user interacts with a spherical object, the controllers will vibrate to signify that it has been touched. The user will be able to move the audio object in space and data on its position, distance and angles will be passed through Unity to Max where it will execute real-time spatialisation and binaural synthesis.

In order to keep the centre of attention on the sound source’s spatial proportions, it has been decided to design and model the environmental setting with a minimal amount of props. Inspired by the stage metaphor and the virtual mixer as described by Gibson, a grid shader for walls and floor has been used along with an off-screen diegetic cue that will highlight the position of the spherical object in space.

The participants of the evaluation were given clear instructions on their task and had a lot of time to work on it until they felt satisfied with their result. The fact that some participants had a harder time spatially positioning the ‘choir’ track, compared to the other tracks in the pre-made mix, might be an indication that the controls were not intuitive and might have made it more difficult to work with.

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