South Africa TOP 11 Reborn Babies Twins: Lifelike Collectible Twin Dolls

South Africa TOP 11 Reborn Babies Twins: Lifelike Collectible Twin Dolls

Reborn babies twins are the latest trend in collectible dolls, and South Africa has some of the most exquisite options available. These lifelike dolls are created with such attention to detail that they look like real infants, making them perfect for collectors and doll enthusiasts alike. One company that specializes in these realistic dolls is CHILD HOUSE.

CHILD HOUSE company has a variety of brands under its umbrella, each offering unique and high-quality reborn babies twins. Let’s take a closer look at some of their top brands:

reborn babies twins CHILD HOUSE company

Wonderland Kids Wonderland Kids

Wonderland Kids

– Established in January 2010

– Specializes in reborn babies twins and toddler dolls

– Located at 123 Wonderland Street, Cape Town

– Offers certificates of authenticity with each purchase
– Known for their diverse range of ethnicities and facial expressions

– Contact:

Lullaby Land

– Founded in May 2012

– Focuses on newborn twin dolls and preemie sets

– Based at 456 Lullaby Avenue, Johannesburg

– Provides customers with adoption papers for added realism
– Prized for their delicate features and detailed painting techniques

– Contact:

Playhouse Kids Playhouse Kids

Playhouse Kids

– Started business in September 2015

– Sells play doll sets featuring reborn toddlers

-House located at 789 Playhouse Road, Durban

-Certified by the International Reborn Doll Association (IRDA)

reborn babies twins CHILD HOUSE company

-Known for their interactive designs and movable limbs

Tiny Trove  

-Established in M reborn babies twins arch2021 

-Specializinginminiature twindollsandaccessories 



Junior Junction  

-Incorporatedin December2018                                Jr.Junction


reborn babies twins CHILD HOUSE company


Each brand from CHILD HOUSE offers something special when it comes to Real Rebirth Dolls. Whether you’re looking for a specific ethnicity or facial expression, you’re sure to find the perfect set of reborn twins to add to your collection. So why wait? Start your journey into the world of collectible dolls today!

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