Get Your Adrenaline Pumping With a Retro Arcade Machine

Get Your Adrenaline Pumping With a Retro Arcade Machine

Kids, teens, and adults love these classic redemption arcade games. They’re a great way to get everyone off their devices and into real-world fun.

This svelte cabinet from Arcade1Up comes preloaded with Pac-Man, Galaga and Galaxian, plus Mortal Kombat 1, 2 and 3, and sports a light up marquee and custom riser. It’s a bit lower than traditional machines, so you’ll need to sit or stand on a stool.

Buying Guide

With the rise in popularity of retro arcade machines many consumers are looking to bring that classic gaming into their own homes. With 1000’s of games ranging from space invaders to the first game you ever played on your console these machines are perfect for any man cave or lady attic!

Choosing the right machine can be daunting and it’s important to think about where you’re going to put the machine, will it be for play or display? Also how soon do you need it? And most importantly what is your budget?

The Golden Tee machine features 18 holes, a Closest to the Pin challenge and Wi-Fi leaderboards. Its cabinet boasts bright, oh-so ’80s colors and graphics and is accented by Retro Arcade Machine a lighted marquee, authentic controls and a printed coin door kickplate.

With a massive list of classic titles, this machine is sure to please any Pac-Man fan and is packed full with enough games for you to enjoy for years! You can even add more ROMs via USB for a nearly unlimited number of games (please respect copyrights). This machine is also compatible with ArcadeNet, a cloud gaming service that lets you compete against other players on global leaderboards and download new content. It comes with a 27-inch full HD LCD monitor that can be flipped vertically to match the design of the cabinet.


Arcade games are the perfect addition to any game room, man cave, lady attic, or home in general. Whether it’s a nostalgic trip back to the golden age with an Atari cabinet or more modern takes like mortal kombat and street fighter ii, arcade machines will keep players entertained for hours on end.

One of the best-known arcade games is Space Invaders, a shooter in which the player controls a spaceship and battles aliens attempting to destroy it. It was the first to feature multi-colored, animated sprites and the first to use speech synthesis to communicate with the player. The game was so successful that many people named their children after it, and it helped spur on a boom in arcade machines.

Another popular arcade game is Asteroids, which is a unique take on the space shooter genre. Instead of a whole universe filled with deadly asteroids, this game is just about avoiding the titular ones and blasting them. It was also the first Atari coin-operated game to use vector graphics and was one of the first games to allow the player to enter their initials for a high score, making it an early pioneer of arcade gaming technology.

For fans of Marvel, there’s a digital pinball machine from Arcade1Up loaded with 10 titles to let players go on action-packed missions as Spider-Man, Thor, and more. There’s even a compact, tabletop version that delivers arcade-quality gameplay in a sleek design that can fit in tight spaces.


Upright arcade cabinets typically feature a monitor and controls on a level surface. Some have a control panel that displays playing instructions or artwork. Others have a steering wheel or throttle pedal to play racing or shooting games. A special variant, called a versus-style cabinet, has two monitors and separate controls so players can fight each other. These cabinets were more common in Japanese arcades.

Most classic arcade cabinets were built with sturdier materials than modern home electronics, but the combination of 40+ years of warehousing, humidity and transportation have made them a little worn down over time. Replacing some components—especially electrolytic capacitors—is a common step in refurbishing vintage arcade cabinets. This is a labor-intensive and expensive process, but it can restore old hardware to working condition.

Some cabinets took artistic risks with their designs. Computer Space, for example, used a round cabinet that was an unusual shape for a video game cabinet back in the day. It didn’t catch on with the public, but it’s cool to see this bold design for a retro game cabinet.

A few companies are making it easier for gamers to bring home arcade cabinets. For example, this kit includes a cabinet, a 19-inch color LCD screen and classic arcade games loaded from a software emulator. It also comes with extras like a stool and a metal wall sign.


The controls are a big part of any arcade game. They must be responsive, accurate and easy to use. Retro arcade machines often come with a number of different control options. Some of these include a joystick, buttons and a trackball. Others have a steering wheel or pedals to add to the experience. This makes them great for gamers who want to get their adrenaline pumping!

The first type of arcade control is a simple joystick. This was a popular choice for games like Space Invaders and is still a common control type today. These joysticks usually have two buttons that move your character Retro Arcade Machine left and right, as well as a button to shoot the laser cannon at alien invaders. They also have a restrictor gate that limits how far the stick can be moved to prevent accidental moves.

Some retro arcade machines also offer an electro-mechanical joystick that combines some electronic circuitry with mechanical actions from the player to move items within the cabinet. Some examples of this are early light gun games that use a combination of light-sensitive sensors on targets to register hits.

Some modern arcade systems allow you to play both classic and newer games with professional arcade quality controls. This includes the Xinput-based arcade system from Arcade1Up, which comes with 10 Marvel titles loaded on to play along side your friends. It uses a sleek design and has a high-resolution arcade screen for a more authentic experience. It also features a cooling fan so you can play for hours without overheating. Another key feature is the Neo-Arcade controller board, which fixes problems with XInput by allowing you to set player order at the hardware level. This eliminates the issue of players swapping, which can happen with other boards and causes broken gameplay.

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