Men’s Cardigan

Mens Cardigan

Men’s Cardigan

Men?s Cardigan is one of those wardrobe staples that slightly waxes and wanes in popularity but remains a reliable style stalwart. They evoke a sense of stability and maturity that can be a welcome relief from faddish fashion trends.

A good sweater should be versatile and flatter your frame, even when worn open. It should have a taper that narrows at the chest and widens at the hips.


Cardigans have always been one of those menswear staples that you’ll find in everyone’s closet – the sort of item that’s never really gone out of style. You might have associated it with your grandpa or the Dude in The Big Lebowski, but you can rest assured that this menswear classic is a versatile, flattering garment that can be worn in a number of different ways to suit any look.

Though the cardigan was derived from wool garments that European fishermen wore in the 17th century to keep warm on cold days at sea, it was first popularized in America by college athletes who wore them as letter jackets for their teams. This, in turn, turned the sweater into a preppy staple of men’s fashion by the 20th century.

Today, the cardigan is still a versatile item that can be worn with t-shirts and jeans for a casual look or with dress shirts and ties for a more polished ensemble. You can also wear it in the cooler weather as an insulating layer under your jacket, especially with thicker varieties that are often used as coat replacements in winter.

British-born tailoring brand Ted Baker has a small but refined collection of men’s cardigans that are perfect for dressing up your smart-casual outfits. They have classic grays and blacks that will pair nicely with most formal attire, as well as faux-rib cardigans that embody the slacker style favored by Kurt Cobain. Another label worth checking out is Uniqlo, a Japanese company that offers a variety of current basics in neutral colors as well as bold patterns.


Men?s cardigan is a classic knitted closet staple that can be styled in a range of outfits to suit different Men’s Cardigan occasions. The versatile knitwear can be worn casually with jeans and a T-shirt for a trendy look or dressed up with formal attire such as a suit and ties.

Unlike other knitwear styles that may be more form fitting, cardigans are traditionally designed to have a looser fit. This allows them to be slipped into like a jacket, and helps give the garment a more relaxed appearance. Some designs also have a fold-over shawl collar, and others feature a flat V-neck that lies flat against the neckline.

A patterned knit cardigan is an easy way to add color to an outfit, and there are plenty of patterns to choose from including bird’s eye, houndstooth, Aran and stripe designs. Some styles even have a contrasting lining on the inside of the collar, for an extra pop of color that can really elevate a look.

The texture of a cardigan can vary from acrylic on the cheaper end to thicker wool and wool blends as well as refined, luxurious cashmere. For business casual or smarter wear it is best to prioritize a slimmer fit, as this will sit better under blazers and help create a sharp, fitted silhouette. Other factors to consider when selecting a men’s cardigan are its colour, with darker shades such as browns, greys and beiges more suitable for autumn/winter and light blue, light green and white being more suited for spring/summer.


Cardigans are typically made of cotton, wool Men’s Cardigan and other natural fibers that are both warm and soft. These fabrics are also easy to wash and will last a long time. However, some menswear designers and brands use synthetic materials in their cardigan sweaters too. These are often petroleum- or chemical-based and are not as comfortable to wear as natural fibers, but they can be useful in some situations.

When choosing a cardigan, it is important to consider the fit. The ideal design is slim-fitting in the shoulders and arms, then broadens slightly around the chest and abdomen. This type of fit is known as a tailored fit. If you prefer a looser style, go for an unstructured or open-front cardigan.

Another important aspect of a cardigan is its collar. The classic flat V-neck is the most common, but there are many other styles to choose from. Some designers even create cardigans with shawl-collars, which fold over around the neckline for added warmth and style.

Cardigans can be worn with a wide variety of casual and semi-formal clothing. You can layer one over a shirt and tie for a dressier look, or you can just slip it on over a t-shirt and jeans. Whatever you choose, be sure to choose a color that matches your outfit or complements it.


The modern cardigan has a broad color palette that ranges from light, neutral shades such as beige and brown to navy blue and dark green. Men can also find a wide selection of patterns, from classic argyle to Aran and stripes. For a touch of flair, try one featuring contrast piping.

A good cardigan should have the ability to be layered with other garments, including suits and sport coats. It should have a good fit and feel soft to the touch. It should also have a quality construction. This includes having high-quality buttons. Plastic buttons are a common choice, but horn, mother of pearl or wood buttons are preferable. Lastly, the cardigan should have a good neckline that shows a man’s tie or bow tie.

For a look that’s both elegant and casual, try this cardigan from Pringle of Scotland, which has been making knitwear for two centuries. The sweater features a black, white and gray argyle pattern. The wool, mohair and acrylic mix is warm enough for winter but thin enough to wear into spring. The sweater is designed to sit at the collar and can be worn with a suit or with a t-shirt for a relaxed, stylish look.

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