Beam Moving Head Lights

Beam Moving Head Lights

Beam moving head lights

Beam moving head lights come with different modes and functions. Some of them can be used as standalones, while others can be used in plug-and-play light shows. Many of them are also DMX controlled. This allows you to create light shows that are synchronised with music or other sounds.


While beam head lights are mostly used in explosion scenes, they can also be used in a variety of applications. Their stroboscopic flashes can be used to generate a passionate visual impact. These fixtures can also enhance the moods of an intellectual art scene and create a romantic ambiance. In addition, beam moving head lights are widely used in the entertainment industry, including clubs, hotels, and venues. They can be used both indoors and outdoors, and they can last for a long time.

One of the most important features of a beam moving head light is its beam angle. It can rotate in any direction for a wide range of lighting effects. Other features of this light include a color wheel and a gobos or prism that can produce a full color spectrum.


Moving head lights are a staple of the live music industry and are often used in churches and clubs. But when buying one of these lights, you should know how to choose the right one for your needs. Be aware that some guides will give you bad advice, so make sure to follow these tips and avoid making any major mistakes.

Firstly, consider the beam’s shape. A narrow beam produces a sharp effect. Beams with a wider beam angle will cast a softer, rounded beam. In addition, be sure to choose one with a low beam angle so that your audience won’t miss out on the action.

Secondly, consider the power consumption. Moving head lights require a lot of power to operate. Many of them have numerous moving parts and must have in-house cooling systems to maintain the temperature. Additionally, they produce a lot of noise when they move. This can distract the audience and detract from the function. Therefore, the location of moving head lights should be far enough away from the main performance area and the audience.

Moving head lights can be used for many different types of performances. The size and position of the lights is important as they need to be placed in an ideal position to provide the best illumination for the show. They can be mounted on lighting stands or external accessories. However, the most important factor to consider when choosing the right moving head lights is the type of performance and venue.


Beam lights are similar to spotlights, but have larger lenses and produce focused light over a wider area. They typically have an angle of 12 to 25 degrees and are commonly used in concerts and other events where the audience is large. These lights are an important fixture in the entertainment industry and have numerous Beam moving head lights benefits. Not only do they provide intense lighting to huge stages, but they also use less power than traditional lighting setups.

BEAM moving head lights are composed of an egg-shaped base with an integrated control panel and a head with an optical system. The head of the light moves up and down. The arm rotates around the axis of the unit. It contains an optical system and a mechanical dimming shutter that allows it to control the intensity of the beam. Some of these models even use high-speed stepper motors to create strobe effects. Additionally, beam moving head lights can be equipped with a color wheel that changes the tone of the light beam. Other components in these units include prisms and lens trains that shape and focus the beam.

LED moving head lights are often used in stage productions. They provide intense LED beam effects and are a popular choice among stage shows, mobile DJ entertainers, and lighting designers. They also give light shows a more dynamic look. These lights have an excellent range of color patterns and can be used for almost any type of lighting environment.

These lights are a staple in the music touring industry and are also popular on outdoor stages. However, they have their limitations. Moving head lights should be used cautiously and with the proper knowledge.


Beam moving head lights are available in a variety of colors. Some are bi-directional, while others are omni-directional. They can also be programmed to change color. Some beam moving head lights can be used to create gobos or bi-directional rainbow effects. Other features of beam moving head lights include a large area of auxiliary light.

Beam moving head lights can be used for both indoor and outdoor lighting. They can be repositioned with ease, and provide massive light output. They can be installed easily and do not require a lot of maintenance. They are also durable and are a good investment. They are also great for concerts and other types of events. These lights are produced by lighting companies that give special consideration to their design. Furthermore, they use less power than traditional lighting sets.

A BEAM moving head light is made up of a base with a control panel and a head with an optical system. These pieces of lighting equipment move around the stage. They rotate around an axis and produce different effects. They can also use a mechanical dimming shutter to control the intensity of the beam. Additionally, a high-speed stepper motor can be used to create strobe effects. In addition to this, BEAM moving head lights are equipped with color wheels to change the tone of the beam. Some also have prisms to shape the beam.

A BEAM moving head light is one of the most popular types of stage lighting fixtures. These lights can change color, pattern, and intensity, and are great for stage shows, concerts, fashion shows, and TV productions. These lights can also be used in outdoor and indoor venues.


Installation of beam moving head lights requires the use of the correct equipment and procedures. Firstly, the machine must be completely unplugged from the power source so as to prevent the risk of accidental fire or electrical leaks. A ground switch should also be installed to ensure proper safety and efficiency. The power supply must also meet local electrical standards and have overcurrent protection functions. Secondly, it is essential to keep the moving head light’s optical components clean. Dirty lenses can reduce the beam’s brightness.

Compared to spotlights, beam lights are more expensive than spotlights. However, they are more durable and last longer. Furthermore, they require less maintenance and are a wise Beam moving head lights investment. They can be used at other venues, such as concerts, and are a cost-effective way to light a stage. Lighting companies have given particular attention to the design and production of these fixtures, and they consume much less power than traditional lighting setups.

Installation of beam moving head lights is easy. The light head is connected to a motor and can be positioned in a number of different positions. A common configuration includes a set and cross position, where the beam crosses between two sets. Other common positions include set and downstage center, which consists of two sets of lights crossing.

Moreover, BEAM moving head lights have the advantage of being portable and can function throughout the night. They can also be used for gobos and creative display patterns. Despite their compact size, they consume minimal power and can be installed anywhere.

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