5 Types of Playground Equipment

5 Types of Playground Equipment

Playground equipment keeps kids active and helps develop social, physical and cognitive skills. It’s essential to select playground equipment that matches the age range and developmental level of the children playing on it.

Slides, from the classic straight design to spiral and tunnel options, are a popular piece of playground equipment. They offer a little rush and boost balance, coordination and core strength.


Slides may not seem like the most complicated of playground equipment, but they are a vital part of any children’s playtime. Sliding promotes balance, psychomotricity and coordination as well as sharpens proprioception. It also stimulates the sense of touch, and can help children discover shapes, colors and smells. Slides are also a great way to get kids moving and away from their smartphones, tablets and computers.

There are many different types of slides to choose from, and each type has its own unique features. For example, roller slides have parallel cylindrical rollers that give children an added sensory experience as they ride down the slide. Enclosed tube slides are another option that provides a more mysterious, adventurous experience for children who want to add some thrill and mystery to their play.

Another important factor to consider when choosing a slide is the price. A high-quality slide can last longer and require less maintenance than a cheaper one. A good rule of thumb is to always buy the best quality you can afford, but make sure you’re not spending so much that it detracts from your child’s safety and enjoyment.

Finally, you’ll need to determine whether your child needs a stand-alone slide or a slide as part of a larger structure, such as a jungle gym. Also consider whether you want the slide to be accessible via a ladder or a staircase.

Spring Riders

Bringing motion to playground equipment in the form of spring riders, also known as rockers, helps kids improve their balance and coordination while developing core muscles. These spring riders come in a variety of themes and styles, so you can find the right fit for your playground. Typically, these pieces of playground equipment require kids to hold on tight and rock back and forth with their body weight while developing their arm strength.

Some spring riders are designed to be enjoyed by two children at once, encouraging social interaction and cooperation among youths. These spring animals also encourage imaginative play, as kids imagine themselves as dinosaurs or crocodiles taking a ride through the park.

For an outer space-inspired playground, play equipment try a moon buggy spring rider. These models feature a comfortable seat for one to two kids and are built with durable materials. Other types of themed spring riders include police cars, safari vehicles and bulldozers.

As with other playground equipment, it’s important to have safe surfacing around spring riders in order to reduce the risk of injuries. Surfaces such as rubber mulch, engineered wood fiber or synthetic turf are ideal for absorbing impact when kids fall off these rider toys, helping reduce the likelihood of bruises and fractures. Regular inspections and maintenance are required to keep these surfaces in good condition.


Sand play at home or in a sandbox at school or the park encourages kids’ imagination and creativity while improving hand-eye coordination. It also helps develop motor skills as they manipulate and mold the sand into different shapes with their hands or toys. Adding toys like buckets and spades to the sandbox can make it more fun and interesting for kids.

The first thing to look for in a sandbox is a frame that is made from durable, weather-resistant HPL. This is a great choice for schools, parks and other outdoor spaces because it will stand up to heavy use and the elements. It should also be large enough to allow kids plenty of space for creative exploration.

Next, choose a child-safe variety of sand for the box. This is often specifically treated to reduce dustiness Indoor Playground Equipment and ensure sanitation. It is best to stop a few inches short of the top of the sandbox to prevent it from overflowing during activities.

Finally, a high-quality weighted sandbox cover is essential for keeping out animals and other debris while the sandbox is not in use. These covers are easy to install and can be removed or applied in a matter of seconds by one person. They can also hold up in windy conditions and are resistant to vandalism. This is a smart investment that will help keep the sandbox clean and safe for children.

Sensory Play

Children are natural sensory learners, and they need all of their senses to learn about their world. Sensory playground equipment embraces this fact, offering play experiences that stimulate all of the child’s senses.

Squish, squelch, splash, spin and bang – these are just some of the ways that kids can use unique sensory activities to explore their environment and develop a variety of important skills. From describing what they see, touch and smell to enhancing fine motor skills through pinching, pouring and lacing movements, these activities are perfect for preschoolers and toddlers.

Sensory play is also a great way for kids to practice self-regulation. Whether they are blowing bubbles, scrunching up paper or putting the finishing touches on a mud pie, sensory play provides an opportunity for kids to soothe themselves and regain control of their emotions. Using sensory tools like fidget spinners, weighted lap pads or calming spaces is another good way to help children who struggle with hyperactivity and attention problems regulate their arousal levels.

While sensory play is often messy, it’s a great way for children to experience and explore the world. Providing plenty of sensory materials, such as sand, water, play dough and textured objects, will give children the chance to experiment with different textures and colors while stimulating their senses. Keeping a clean space and regular sanitization of toys will prevent the spread of germs and keep the play area safe for everyone.

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