Indoor Children’s Playground Manufacturers

Indoor Children’s Playground Manufacturers

Indoor children’s playground manufacturers design and manufacture captivating play environments that foster kids’ development, imagination, and social interaction. They also provide safety-certified products that adhere to industry-specific standards and regulations.

Unlike outdoor equipment, custom indoor playgrounds don’t get exposed to bird droppings or other environmental concerns. Additionally, they can be cleaned easily and frequently to prevent health problems.

Dreamland Playground

In a world where children are constantly surrounded by technology, it’s important to create spaces that encourage physical activity and social interaction. Indoor indoor children’s playground manufacturers playgrounds provide kids with an exciting and safe haven where they can burn off energy while stimulating their imagination.

To ensure safety, Dreamland Playground includes padded edges on their play equipment. This helps reduce the risk of injuries if children fall off of elevated structures, and it also prevents injury from impact with other surfaces or equipment. The company’s playgrounds are designed to meet all applicable safety standards, including ASTM in North America and TUV in Europe.

A variety of equipment is available for kids of all ages, from toddlers to teenagers. The equipment also offers a range of fun and challenging activities that help boost children’s motor skills, cognitive thinking, and overall health. In addition, some playgrounds include a variety of ADA-compliant inclusive play equipment, including wheelchair merry-go-rounds and carousels. The company’s playground systems are customizable to fit any space and theme, and the company offers a variety of accessories for safety and accessibility.


Orca is a leading company that produces indoor playground equipment for kids. Their products help children develop physically and mentally. They also help kids to make friends and create memories that will last a lifetime. Their products are used worldwide and have received excellent reviews from customers.

The Orca Coast is a family business that offers innovative products to enhance indoor play areas. They have the best safety record in the industry and are committed to improving the quality of playgrounds. They also provide training and support for their clients.

Indoor play centers have been designed to keep children active all-year round. They have many advantages over outdoor playgrounds, including the ability to use them during rainy seasons when outdoor surfaces become dirty. These facilities have a variety of games that encourage children to express their creativity and imagination. They also lower the chances of injuries in children, as all their toys have undergone stringent tests for safety. In addition, they are supervised by trained staff. This way, parents can relax and enjoy their time at the FEC.


In the early 1980s Nathan Elinoff developed Soft Contained Play equipment to overcome the safety hazards and maintenance costs associated with outdoor playground equipment. This allowed entrepreneurs to design indoor children’s entertainment centers. These were initially known as DZs and were primarily pay-for-play centers featuring large SCP units that encapsulated the child. Typically these combined redemption games, a half dozen kids’ rides, air bounces and birthday party areas. Some examples of this type of facility include Jeeper’s (chain of 20+ indoor centers averaging 25,000 S.F.) and Dinotropolis, a 50,000 S.F. center designed by the White Hutchinson Leisure & Learning Group.

The University of Maryland’s KidsTeam is the first intergenerational Cooperative Inquiry design team for children and adults. Twice a week throughout the academic year, KidsTeam kids collaborate with adult researchers, practitioners and technologists on projects to design technologies for children.

Eli Play

Eli Play is a Dutch company that specializes in the design of indoor playgrounds. Its products are reliable and safe. The company also pays attention to details, such as cleaning the ball pools and sanitizing trampolines. These details can make a huge difference in the quality of the experience for both children and parents.

KidsZoo is a high-end playground that receives enthusiastic reactions from visitors and industry experts. It has been declared the best playground of Zuid-Holland twice and has a high rating on social media. Guests enjoy the entertainment for their children and also praise the hygiene, service and friendliness of the staff.

The production is stunning with a cold dream-like set by Christine Jones and snow drift lighting by Chahine Yavroyan. Garteth Fry’s eerie sound design moves the story.


PlayCore is a leading North American designer, manufacturer, and marketer of a broad range of commercial playground, park, recreation, and specialty fitness products and accessories. Their innovative designs, quality indoor play area manufacturing, and dedicated service help communities thrive through the power of play.

The company began as the Swing-N-Slide Corporation, producing and marketing do-it-yourself swing set hardware kits for customers in Wisconsin. The kits included a blueprint, chains, seats, brackets, hangers, fasteners, and other hardware.

Over the years, management has made several important acquisitions to transform PlayCore into a year-round, global supplier of playground and recreational products. The first acquisition, GameTime Inc., was purchased in 1997 and added commercial outdoor playground equipment to the existing line of products.

Research shows that children need age-appropriate physical, social, and cognitive stimulation to grow healthy minds and bodies. Unfortunately, many kids do not get this stimulation at school or in the neighborhood. PlayCore is addressing this issue by working with SHAPE America, the Society of Health and Physical Education Professionals. SHAPE America is committed to ensuring all children have access to the physical activity they need for lifelong good health.

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