VR Submarine Game Review

VR Submarine Game Review

VR Submarine is a submarine simulator that will make you feel immersed. This game is ideal for children and adults.

The game features an engrossing single player campaign and co-op mode. Players will get to explore the sea depths while controlling multiple interfaces. Experience the quiet tension of convoy raiding as a World War 2 submarine captain in this immersive VR experience.


VR Submarine is a submarine simulator where you can play in singleplayer or co-op. You can explore the open ocean and hunt down enemy vessels in a story campaign or in a free-roam mode. You can use your periscope to search for enemy ships, shoot down planes and bombers with your deck gun, and even deploy depth charges to sink enemy destroyers.

The game features a cramped submarine cabin that looks and feels realistic. Each room is fully rendered and has a number of old timey dials, wheels, and switches you can interact with. You can also move between rooms by turning a wheel or opening a hatch. The gameplay is claustrophobic, but it’s fun and satisfying. The deck gun can be particularly rewarding, as it fires fast and gives a great report as the shells fly through the water.

IronWolf VR is a solid, fun submarine simulator for Meta Quest 2 and PC VR headsets. It’s easy to pick up and learn, but takes a little practice to master. Each room of the submarine has been rendered in detail, and moving between them is easy and satisfying with a simple turn of a wheel or the press of a button. The game can be played alone or with a crew of three, and there are automation options to make the experience more manageable for solo players.


This VR submarine simulator puts you in the shoes of a captain as you search for enemy ships using your periscope and destroy them with your deck gun. You’ll also be tasked with maintaining your submarine, including repairing and refueling.

The controls in Subnautica are fairly standard and translate well to virtual reality. Pointing to an object with your dominant hand and hitting the A button on a controller will activate it. The game doesn’t fully support touch controllers, though, and some things like the seaglide don’t work as they should (for example, it only moves your character forward, not backward).

Designed to be a two-player experience, VR Submarine was developed in Unreal Engine and uses a Oculus Rift headset as a periscope. The player in the periscope looks around and communicates with their partner, who has a paper map VR Submarine of the world and access to movement controls. The players then try to reach a goal, such as a lighthouse, by avoiding obstacles in the virtual environment and following the physical map.

We’re proud to have worked with Immerse on this project – it shows the power of our platform for multi-user collaborative VR experiences. This allows trainers to rehearse dangerous scenarios in a VR UFO Machine safe and controlled way, helping trainees prepare for real-world situations without the risk of injury.


As the player moves through IronWolf VR, the soundtrack and sound effects provide a sense of being underwater. From the splashes of depth charges hitting the water to the submarine’s creaks under pressure, the sounds help immerse the player in this world.

A virtual environment (VE) was built that allows a user to visually mix real-time audio, retrieved from the DAW Ableton Live, using dynamic binaural synthesis. The VE was evaluated in two conditions: a focus group interview examining the participants’ opinions, perceptions and feelings and a mixing task comparing efficiency and precision between the VR and computer screen version.

The VE is composed of a stage metaphor, a grid shader for the floor and walls and virtual sound sources represented as spheres that can be moved by a user with their controllers. When a sphere is touched, the corresponding audio track from Ableton Live will be played back in that location. The audio was routed from the VE to the participant’s headphones via a Macbook Pro and the Oculus Quest VR headset.

The evaluation shows that the VE can be used to efficiently mix music with good precision. However, a higher level of proficiency is required when compared to the same tasks performed on a computer screen. This could be due to the fact that some participants had extensive experience with mixing music and did not find it intuitive to use the VE for precision.


The graphics in VR Submarine are stunning and lifelike, letting players feel as though they’re truly underwater. The game has a wide variety of beautiful ocean environments, allowing players to explore the depths and discover hidden treasures.

This virtual reality submarine simulation is a fun and educational experience for parents and children. Its periscope simulator can be adjusted to different heights and can be used to aim at targets, simulating submarine combat in the vast ocean. The simulator can also provide feedback when the submarine surfaces, dives or shoots.

Polish studio Titan Gamez has announced that its WWII submarine simulator, UBOAT: The Silent Wolf, will launch on PC with headset integration. The game will offer a singleplayer campaign and multiplayer underwater battles for up to four players.

Ahead of its launch, the I-124 submarine wreck has been reconstructed for this virtual reality experience. It’s a unique opportunity to respectfully explore one of Australia’s 7500 shipwrecks, while learning about its history and legacy. The I-124 is located in the Gulf of Carpentaria and is a protected site under the Commonwealth’s Underwater Cultural Heritage Act.

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