VR Standing Platform – A Lighter and More Attractive Alternative to the Treadmill

VR Standing Platform – A Lighter and More Attractive Alternative to the Treadmill

A lighter and more attractive take on the VR treadmill, the crowdfunded Virtuix Omni One is a circular platform over which you glide in special low-friction shoes. The movement of your feet gets translated into VR motion, and you’re held in place by straps attached to a movable arm.

Play games with strong and high immersion. Experience a new level of VR gaming, feel free and unconstrained with large roaming space.

Product Description

Unlike the crowdfunded Virtuix Omni, which works like a giant, bulky VR treadmill (you may have seen it in Steven Spielberg’s “Ready Player One”), this device is based on gliding. The platform is covered with special low-friction socks or shoes and a harness, and you walk across it to translate that motion into your virtual surroundings.

After coining or swiping a card, players choose a game, put on the VR headset and enter the virtual world. They can cooperate with teammates to shoot infinitely with guns or exert their observation, leadership and wisdom in virtual secret rooms. The stable and effective design makes it a perfect commercial product for VR business. It can be used for both children and adults to enjoy. The operation and maintenance costs are also relatively low.

Product Specifications

The VR Standing Platform is an attractive coin-operated entertainment and a fully commercial solution for your VR business! After coining or swiping a card, the user can choose the game they like to play by entering the machine and putting on the HTC VIVE glasses.

It combines the latest VR technology with high grade handmade artwork and has a fashion cool appearance. The HTC VIVE glasses and the VR Standing Platform can take you into a virtual world and make you experience fear, excitement and thrills.

In the virtual world, you can cooperate with VR Standing Platform other players and exert your observation, leadership and wisdom to complete one VR room escape theme after another. The movable stander creates a strong sense of immersion and enables you to walk freely on the virtual world, so that your actions can be perfectly reproduced in the VR scene.

The crowdfunded Virtuix Omni is a circular platform over which you glide in special shoes, and the movement of your feet is tracked by sensors and transferred into virtual reality. It’s a different approach to the overall VR treadmill concept, which we saw in Steven Spielberg’s Ready Player One. It is lighter and more striking, and requires less maintenance.

Product Features

The second generation Virtualizer ELITE 2 combines a powered motion platform with walking support for the most convenient movement in VR. This way, the user experiences a strong and highly realistic virtual march with greatly reduced physical effort compared to any other concept of VR locomotion.

The patented system individually supports the gait of each user, independent of their body height, weight and age. The harness is ergonomic, adjustable and easy to use. The shoe covers can be adjusted in size and are compatible with a wide range of shoes including business sneakers and boots. The ring and harness also enable users to wear the system over different clothing without having to swap the whole device.

Unlike the Virtuix Omni, which uses a treadmill to track movements and translate them into a virtual landscape, the VR Standing Platform features an omnidirectional platform that allows you to walk forward, backward, sidestep or pivot, mirroring natural movement in a virtual environment. Its gyroscopes and motion sensors detect each stride’s speed and direction and communicate them to the VR headset.

The omnidirectional tracking technology ensures accurate reproduction of every single one of your moves in the virtual world. This makes it possible to shoot infinitely with guns, exert observation, leadership and wisdom in virtual secret rooms VR UFO 5 Seats or become a gorgeous artist – the possibilities are endless.

Product Advantages

The VR Standing Platform allows users to enjoy a full-body immersive gaming experience with HTC VIVE Cosmos headset. It is a smaller and lighter alternative to the treadmill, making it more appealing for gamers. It also offers a more comfortable walking movement, and features multiple trackers for better inside-out tracking accuracy. The system also supports wide FOV and 6DoF for a more realistic experience.

Using virtual reality to present products or services can enhance customer engagement and foster a deeper connection between brand and customers. When used in conjunction with physical products, VR can reduce the logistical costs of transporting large hardware to exhibitions or events. For example, IQM, a quantum computing hardware company, uses VR to showcase their high-tech products at exhibitions and customer meetings.

Healthcare professionals are also leveraging VR to improve their training experiences. For example, a VR simulation of a surgical procedure can prepare surgeons for the operating room and increase their familiarity with medical devices. It can also help them practice and master surgical techniques without putting patients at risk.

A VR treadmill may require a considerable amount of physical effort, and prolonged use can cause motion sickness in some users. Additionally, the system can be difficult to assemble and can be heavy to move around. Moreover, the user data collected by a VR treadmill can raise privacy concerns and necessitate strict compliance with regulations.

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