VR Spaceship and Star Wars Squadrons

VR Spaceship and Star Wars Squadrons

Spaceship is a VR experience that lets users walk around inside an industrial-looking shuttle filled with control panels and navigation screens. To move from one place to the next, users simply look at a pink neon glimmer that carries them a few “feet” ahead.

As virtual reality gains in popularity, we’re bound to see more and better space-themed experiences. These range from boarding the ISS to bending planets to your will.


While not technically a space game, Star Wars Squadrons is the closest you’ll get to the action of interplanetary battles without actually hopping aboard a ship. This multiplayer shooter mixes the thrill of big space battles with a detailed bridge environment to give players a fully immersive experience of fighting for the galaxy.

Space Explorers: The ISS Experience takes two years worth of footage from the ISS and transforms it into an educational VR experience. While the game sometimes resembles a theme park ride, it still offers a rare insight into life on board and the power of human ingenuity.

GNOG makes use of the unique gameplay that is possible with VR Spaceship VR to create an entirely new experience. The game’s minimalist art style combines with a calming soundtrack and unique puzzles to create a distinct feeling of being in another world.

While many of the games on this list offer a variety of exciting mechanics, No Man’s Sky is arguably the best example of a complete space simulation in virtual reality. While some may find the game’s many systems confusing at first, its complete immersion and thrilling near-death scenarios allow for a truly authentic feel to space travel. Players can either scavenge for resources in an attempt to return home, or explore planets and discover new life forms in the outer reaches of the universe.


Floating around in a high tech spaceship surrounded by control panels ready to be tinkered with is pretty neat. But if you’re looking for a game that makes you feel like you’re actually in space or is able to take you to planets far away, you’ll be disappointed.

While this experience from NASA doesn’t provide the thrill of flying a spaceship, it does give users a front-row seat to the SLS rocket’s pre-launch activities and allows them to fulfill the role of an astronaut inside the Orion spacecraft. The virtual environment provides a lot of information and is easy to navigate but after about 10 minutes the novelty does wear off as all spaces start to look a little similar.

Millions of people have dreamed of becoming an astronaut but only 500 have ever traveled in space. Mission: ISS is an Emmy-nominated VR simulation for Meta Rift and Rift S that lets you learn how astronauts operate the International Space Station in zero gravity. Guided by archival videos, you can perform tasks including taking a spacewalk and docking a space capsule.

Sketchfab is an online 3D model repository that can be accessed through VR headset browsers. While some of the user-uploaded models may look a little cheesy, others are professionally scanned and based on real data. The Smithsonian has a large collection of digitized space objects on display here and France’s Laboratoire de Planetologie et Geodynamique has several moonscapes and Mars surface models to explore.


VR experiences aren’t complete without a virtual soundtrack. VR audio involves spatial effects that mimic the way sound travels in real life, allowing the listener to hear sounds differently depending on their position. For instance, if you’re standing near a tree, its leaves will sound different than when they’re farther away.

This type of VR audio requires a high level of technical expertise and creative finesse. Foley artists and sound engineers work together to capture sound effects from a variety of distances and perspectives in order to accurately mirror the virtual environment. They use cutting-edge software to process and mix the various elements into a seamless whole.

Despite the efforts of VR developers and audiophiles, there are still a few challenges that remain. For one, VR audio is a lot more complex than traditional game audio. It requires a high degree of synchronization, since the user’s head movement is reflected in the audio. This makes the experience more realistic, but it can also be difficult to achieve.

In a study by Nordahl, 20 participants were asked to wear a VR VR Motorcycle headset and walk on a treadmill while being exposed to either a visual VR only or an audio-visual VR. The latter included the same visualization of the Prague Technical Museum as in Experiment 1, but was supplemented with either step sounds triggered by pressure sensors on the sandals or a simple soundscape.


With virtual reality gaming, players can do so much more than just shoot bad guys in the head or drive a car around a track. There are a lot of amazing games out there, including some great space-themed experiences.

VR Spaceship is a simulation experience that puts you inside a spaceship and allows you to explore all the nooks and crannies of the ship. This is not a game for people who are easily distracted by their surroundings, as you have to fully absorb every part of the environment and find all the controls. In order to move from one spaceship area to another, you have to focus on a pink neon directive that will transport you to the next area a few feet away. This is a great tactic that encourages you to fully take in the spaceship and all its industrial design details.

Another good VR space experience is Mission: ISS, which is an interactive documentary about life aboard the ISS. While it isn’t quite as fun to play as some of the more gamified VR space experiences, it’s still an excellent way to learn about life on the ISS.

And if you really want to get immersed in some space-themed action, then you should check out the amazing No Man’s Sky. This massive space-themed game is a great way to visit many planets, fight against aliens and explore a universe full of billions of stars.

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