VR Shooting Games

VR Shooting Games

Shooting games are one of the most exciting genres to come to VR. Unlike flat screen games, VR shooting games allow players to handle firearms with physical hand controllers.

This study compared conventional shooting training with virtual shooting game simulators to analyze the adjustment process of shooters to VR environments. The results indicated that the accuracy and precision of participants gradually increased as they practiced virtual shooting.

Sniper Elite VR

Sniper Elite VR delivers the series’ long-distance death-dealing to virtual reality with a surprising degree of success. From its sublime sniping gameplay to the gruesome X-ray kill cam that tunnels bullets through your enemies’ entrails, the game nails the franchise’s core mechanics.

The game’s bespoke control scheme makes for an engaging experience that feels natural and intuitive. The Oculus Touch controllers let you adjust the sights to match your eye position as well as use a toggle button that slows your character’s breathing and allows you to line up a shot more accurately.

Like other games in the genre, Sniper Elite VR rewards precise aim with a satisfying arcade-style combat experience. The game also features a hearty arsenal of World War II weapons that feel great to shoot. But despite its focus on sniping, Sniper Elite VR is still willing to let you throw grenades and clear trenches run-and-gun style.

Sniper Elite VR works surprisingly well given the limitations of the Quest and VR in general. The levels may be smaller and divided into a couple of stages per mission but the game does well to replicate the feeling of being in an enclosed battlement, tower or sniper nest. The VR Shooting only real drawback is that the game’s AI can be unpredictable when attempting to stealth kill an enemy.

Lies Beneath

Horror is a pretty overcrowded genre in VR, but Lies Beneath stands out from the crowd with its unique visuals and pulpy comic book style. It also features a lot of combat and some pretty intense set-pieces. The team at Drifter Entertainment (Gunheart, Robo Recall on Quest) has done a great job of crafting a story-driven thriller that delivers on its promises.

The game starts off on a high note as the beginning of each “Issue” has you flipping through a dark, noir-style comic book complete with panels, descriptive box out text and dialogue bubbles. Once you get up to speed with the plot, the game shifts gears to immerse you in a dark and disturbing world. Unfortunately, the first two or three hours are a series of gruesome shootouts in a forest at night during winter. This monotony could have been remedied by varying up the environments or by injecting some more varied gameplay.

That being said, the combat is solid and a great way to build up tension. The Oculus Touch motion tracking worked flawlessly and we had no trouble lodging axes in enemy heads from meters away. There are plenty of melee weapons to wield as well. The game takes some creepy Lovecraft and Cthulu inspired turns as you take on large bouldering pig-men and spider looking creatures that turn into goo when shot. Lies Beneath also features some interesting puzzles that make good use of the physics engine.


VAIL VR is a competitive virtual-reality VR Spaceship shooter that puts you in the middle of a war between two competing factions. The game has full-body animation to immerse you in the world, along with incredible physics that mimic how things interact in real life. For example, grenades can bounce around corners if thrown at the right angle.

Set on a desolate Earth, the fight between the Colonists and the REYAB Corporation takes place across twelve maps and multiple modes. The game has been in development since 2022 and has undergone a number of iterations to create the perfect VR experience. Everything in the game is designed to uphold competitive integrity, from standardizing player height to preventing play space cheats.

Developed by AEXLAB, the 5v5 multiplayer shooter is available on Steam VR and Meta Quest 2 and 3 via App Lab for $20. Crossplay is enabled, and there’s a new progression system with 1000 levels that reward players with guns, sights, emblems, character skins, and in-game currency. There are also daily, weekly, and monthly leaderboards to show off your skills.

With its stunning graphics and immersive gameplay, VAIL VR is a must-have for any virtual reality fan. However, if you have a slow computer or bad internet connection, it can be difficult to get the best performance out of the game. Fortunately, there are tools like LagoFast that can help you fix Vail VR lag and enjoy the game at its maximum potential.

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