VR Motorcycle

VR Motorcycle

VR Motorcycle is an immersive virtual reality experience that allows players to practice and hone their riding skills without the risk of physical injury. It also helps riders become more confident and skilled in real-life situations.

Stunning Realism: Race on 43″ LCD screens with realistic graphics and high-octane racetracks. 12 stylish customizations, signature stunts, slipstreaming and more.

UNIS’ Ultra Moto VR

Taking the tried-and-true arcade motorcycle racing experience to VR, UNIS’ Ultra Moto VR brings a wide array of immersive features, including bass vibration, wind effect and motion. Players race on a motion platform, which allows them to lean in and out of tricky curved tracks for a true sensation of drifting. This, combined with the VR headset and other effects, delivers a virtual racing experience that is truly unmatched in the industry.

Players will choose from a wide selection of high-octane racetracks and 12 stylish customizations to trick out their bike, while also challenging themselves with a range of signature stunts. The game also includes a number of dynamic events that will add extra challenges and excitement to the race, such as giant T-Rex dinosaurs tearing up the track or large monsters wreaking havoc.

Players will be able to experience the game in VR or in non-VR mode, with the cabinet featuring a 43” screen for those who prefer not to use the VR headset. The system also features a detailed swivel bike controller, LED lighting and a 3Glasses Blubur S2 VR helmet with a 90-degree view angle, 90Hz refresh rate, and 6ms response time. It will be sold as a twin cabinet and can be linked up to four units (8 bikes) for head-to-head racing. A deluxe model is also available, which features an enhanced cabinet design, LED lighting and a large bass vibration speaker to accentuate the power of the bike as it races down the track.

BMW Motorrad MetaRide

The BMW Motorrad MetaRide is a digital brand space that lets motorcycle enthusiasts immerse themselves in virtual reality. This innovative platform allows them to experience the BMW CE 02, a cutting-edge electric bike that’s optimized for urban environments. It also offers a variety VR Motorcycle of fun activities, including virtual test rides and earning stylish jackets for their avatars.

The recent world premiere of the BMW CE 02 was a unique event that seamlessly blended the virtual and real worlds. It took place within the MetaRide and at the Pure&Crafted Festival in Berlin, offering a dynamic and immersive experience for attendees.

Unlike other VR motorcycle simulators, the MetaRide is more than just a game. It’s a social hub where users can connect with one another and share their experiences. It’s a great way to explore the future of mobility. It’s easy to see how this technology could be used in a wide range of industries.

Users can access the MetaRide through the BMW website or its social media accounts, and it works on laptops and PCs that support virtual reality. The company plans to expand the Metaverse experience to other car and bike models in the near future. In addition, the virtual BMW Motorrad products displayed in MetaRide are protected under trademark law, just like their physical counterparts. This ensures that unauthorized imitation is prevented.

UNIS’ VR Motorcycle Simulator

Motorcycle VR simulators provide a safe, cost-effective, and immersive alternative to real-world riding. They can offer a wide variety of bikes, tracks, and settings to suit different tastes and skill levels. They can also be used for educational and training purposes, as well as to help overcome phobias or fears.

These simulators use a range of technologies to create a realistic and immersive experience. These ouble VR 360 Motion Chair include VR headsets to provide a 360-degree view of the virtual environment, motion platforms to simulate the movement and vibrations of the motorcycle, and haptic feedback to create tactile sensations. Some simulators also use wind machines or fans to create realistic sounds and a sense of immersion.

UNIS’ Ultra Moto VR is a virtual reality motorcycle simulation that enables users to race through various environments and scenarios in a fully immersive environment. The game allows players to select their own bike and track, adjust the difficulty level, and compete against other players on the leaderboard. It also offers a camera feature that captures the player’s face during gameplay to share on social media.

The earliest motorcycle simulator was developed in 1971 by Dahl and was designed to teach novice motorcyclists the basics of riding. The primary purpose of the simulator was to train motorcyclists in navigating and steering, as well as the effects of long-term acceleration.

Owatch VR Motorcycle Simulator

Owatch VR Motorcycle Simulator is an immersive virtual reality experience that simulates a variety of different riding situations. The simulator is equipped with a VR headset, motion tracking sensors, and a handlebar setup that mimics the feel and feedback of a real-life motorcycle. This allows riders to practice and hone their skills in a safe and controlled environment, and helps them become more confident and capable riders in real-life situations.

The Owatch VR Motorcycle Simulator offers a wide range of racing games and action scenes, including fantasy cosmic circuits. The Owatch VR Motorcycle Simulator also features a unique, eye-catching design that makes it stand out from other VR racing arcade machines. It is a high-profit VR business with a small footprint and a low cost of operation.

This new generation of VR Motorcycle simulator is powered by the world’s advanced electric motion platform, bringing customers an even more realistic and exciting virtual reality game experience! With this high-performance device, you can enjoy the hottest and most popular VR racing games in your own VR arcade.

The Owatch VR Motorcycle Simulator is the best choice for any type of VR arcade, from large-scale VR centers to family amusement parks. Its cool appearance and exciting games can draw customers in immediately, and its self-service design makes it easy for operators to operate. It is also a great way to attract passing traffic and promote your brand.

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