VR Motorcycle

VR Motorcycle

VR Motorcycle is a Virtual Reality racing simulator that provides players with an exciting and immersive gaming experience. It allows players to practice and hone their driving skills in a safe and controlled environment.

Features include stunningly realistic graphics displayed on 43” LCD, high-octane racetracks, 12 stylish customizations and signature stunts. The addition of the motion platform allows players to lean into curves and drift for an authentic racing sensation.

Ultra Moto VR

With a player score of 47 / 100 on Steam, Moto VR is an over-the-top motorbike racing arcade game by I.G.S and UNIS. It utilizes both a VR headset and an elaborate motion platform for the full-size bike controller. The addition of the headset enables players to lean into their turns for a more realistic experience while the motion base allows them to feel the force of the wind against their helmet and the rumble of the motor as they hit each curve. The motion platform also blasts players with gusts of air during gameplay to help them develop more speed by catching a slipstream.

The game’s impressive list of features includes 24 tracks (pretty sizable compared to most racers on the market), drifting, slipstream and stunt mechanics, bike customization with 12 options and a part upgrade system, and stunning realism on 43” LCD screens. Players can even choose whether to play in VR mode or not and can link up to four units (8 bikes) for head-to-head racing.

Recognizing that not all operators were sold on VR, the makers VR Motorcycle of Ultra Moto created a version that doesn’t require a headset for those who don’t wish to use it. This allows them to still enjoy the fast-paced thrills of the game while playing with friends.

BMW Motorrad MetaRide

BMW Motorrad, the motorcycle division of German automotive manufacturer BMW, has launched a new virtual reality experience called MetaRide. The platform allows users to explore and ride the brand’s new CE 02 scooter in a virtual world that closely mirrors real-life environments. Users can also participate in other activities, including playing virtual basketball and earning stylish jackets for their avatars.

The virtual experience is a unique way to showcase the CE 02 and to draw in younger customers. However, it is unlikely that it can fully capture the thrill of riding a real-life motorcycle. For example, you cannot feel the wind on your face or hear the engine’s roar in VR.

BMW is also experimenting with augmented reality and artificial intelligence to create a more immersive and interactive virtual experience. Its new ConnectedRide Smartglasses project vehicle data onto a head-up display that can be used with various helmet styles. The smartglasses are paired with a companion app that enables riders to customize their settings before and during rides.

BMW’s embracing of virtual reality and the metaverse is part of a wider trend in luxury to embrace technology and embrace millennial customers. The brand has a variety of other digital initiatives, including partnerships with French companies to promote French excellence, and its commitment to funding programmes that give underprivileged children access to sports.

UNIS VR Motorcycle

Honda is taking its acclaimed Uni-One self-balancing scooter and putting it in VR. The Japanese automaker has partnered with Raw Thrills to create custom digital experiences that align with the scooter’s natural movements. Users steer the scooter by shifting their body weight in a “standing position.” Two-wheel drive and advanced control technology prevent the scooter from tipping over.

The scooter’s display will show the in-game experience, while a second display will give riders a bird’s eye view of what’s going on around them. A suite of sensors will alert drivers to potential obstacles and hazards in front of them.

Ultra Moto VR takes fantasy motorbike racing to the next level with immersive game play, stunningly realistic graphics displayed on a 43” LCD and numerous high-octane racetracks. Players can choose from 12 sets of stylish customizations, master the art of slipstreaming and perform breathtaking stunts. The motion platform enables players to lean into the curves, giving them an authentic sensation of drifting.

Designed to impress, the experience uses a combination of VR technology, bass vibration, wind ouble VR 360 Motion Chair effect and motion to immerse players in a high-octane racing simulation. Players can choose to play in virtual reality or in normal mode, enabling them to compete against professional MotoGP riders like Valentino Rossi and Jorge Lorenzo. The simulator is sold as a twin set, and operators can link up to four units for head-to-head competition.

Owatch VR Motorcycle

Owatch VR Motorcycle is a high-tech virtual reality arcade game that simulates racing car driving experience. It uses 3-dof platform to make the movement of the car more realistic, greatly enhance the virtual reality car racing fun!

Futuristic shape with science fiction sense, the immersive experience is just like you are on a real bike. The speed can be adjusted according to your need world, accelerate faster and outrun other motorcyclists to cross the finish line first, you are the Moto Champion!

Innovative haptic technology, use ultrasound waves to create tactile sensations in mid-air, from focal point to pressure point, feel virtual touch come to life. Support a variety of payment methods, including coin and card. Self-service solution, no service staff needed, easy to operate and maintain.

7×24 Service Online, When problem happen, troubleshoot by wechatwhatsApp. Replacements will be sent to you quickly. Owatch also provides whole project solution for free, such as quote list, 2D/3D layout design & site decoration design for VR Center, VR Park & Virtual Gaming Center etc. OEM and ODM services are accepted. 24 months warranty, 100% PROMISE! Contact us now to get started on your VR business! Let’s work together to be a success story!

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