Virtual Reality Shooting Games

Virtual Reality Shooting Games

Virtual Reality Shooting is a heart-pounding experience that combines VR technology and firearms simulation. It provides immersive and engaging experiences that are perfect for groups of friends or family members.

The results from the SUS, PQ, and ITQ questionnaires show a positive relationship and high usability score for VR shooting games. This indicates that the participants feel highly immersive and a high level of presence when playing these games.

Sniper Elite VR

Grab your rifle, gaze down the scope and take aim in this stealth-action WWII sniping game built for VR.

Sniper Elite VR delivers on the promise of bringing the series to virtual reality with a satisfying and engaging campaign that feels like an entirely new experience even though it’s essentially an adaptation of the mainline games from developer Rebellion.

As with the flat-screen iterations of the game, players assume the role of Karl Fairburne, a veteran narrating his exploits in the Italian partisan resistance during World War II. The story progresses through a series of flashbacks framed by the present as you visit a series of set-piece missions.

Although a lot of the game is played from behind a sniper rifle, Sniper Elite VR is also happy for you to occasionally switch weapons and play in run-and-gun fashion. The fact that machine guns convincingly rattle if you hold the VR Shooting trigger too long and that a shotgun’s wide spray can quickly overrun your target is a small but welcome touch of realism.

The game is surprisingly well paced and has plenty of little details to keep the action fresh. For example, it’s possible to earn a bonus for killing enemies while they’re distracted by fighter planes droning overhead or other environmental sounds that can mask gunshots. The x-ray killcam is also still a cool effect.


The level design in Breachers is pretty amazing. Most maps offer a lot of different places for both teams to attack and defend. While this makes it difficult to settle on one particular kit, most kits are viable in at least some situations. The only exception is the Devilfish, which requires you to sit still and isn’t very cost-efficient for a breacher.

The ping button is your best friend in this game. With it you can mark enemy locations so that your teammates don’t get taken by surprise. It can also be used to mark useful weapons and gadgets on the ground, as well as enemies like traps or planted EMPs. Great teamwork will get you more kills and wins than you might expect.

Another unique feature that separates this game from other VR shooters is the ability to lean. While most other multiplayer VR games require you to physically move to lean, Breachers allows you to simply step around a corner. This will only expose your upper body to any incoming bullets, making it much easier to remain hidden from your enemies.

The one area that Breachers could use the most post-launch attention is in its maps. While they’re all pretty good, they need a few more to keep the lobbies filled and prevent them from stagnating.


Contractors is a fresh FPS that launched into Early Access in December of 2018. It’s a fan favorite thanks to arguably the best graphics for a VR shooter, a full-body inverse kinematics system and smooth performance.

The game splits primary weapons into Assault Rifles, Carbines, SMGs, and Shotguns and adds a variety of secondary guns and gadgets to choose from. Each gun has multiple grip options, which can change the balance of your weapon for better accuracy or recoil control. It’s also possible to change the barrel length on some weapons, which can help with long-range precision shooting or close-quarters brawls.

Another nice touch is the ability to reload weapons from the magazine or forestock. Gripping from the magazine is good for from-the-hip shooting, but gripping from the forestock is a more balanced setup for aiming and recoil control. The game also supports different firing modes for each weapon, which can make a huge difference in how accurate they are.

While the built-in zombies survival mode in Contractors is pretty lackluster, players looking for a more intense COD experience can find some servers that offer classic Call of Duty zombies modes. Players will have to search through the server browser for one of these servers, but the results can be worth it for fans of the franchise.


VAIL VR is a virtual reality multiplayer shooter that emphasizes tactical gunplay and high-caliber combat. It is developed by AEXLAB, a virtual reality studio that creates meaningful technologies for gaming, VR Spaceship simulation, and social experiences. The game features dynamic gameplay and immersive social interactions. Its backstory centers on a future Earth divided between the Colonists and the REYAB Corporation, whose conflict over humanity’s legacy sets the stage for thrilling battles.

The latest version of the game features Quick Play matchmaking, which allows players to join games instantly and start competing without delay. It also offers a new progression system that rewards players with guns, sights, emblems, character skins, and in-game currency as they play. In addition, it features comprehensive stats tracking and daily, weekly, and all-time rankings that showcase a player’s prowess in the game.

The game’s visuals are rendered in a stunningly realistic manner, with weapons that collide with the environment and optics that bend and distort light, as well as physics that mimic real-world dynamics. In addition to full-body animation and a robust suite of customizable options, VAIL VR offers immersive details like holographic in-game notifications and front sight post-ghosting to bring the player closer to the action. Its cross-play support enables players to brawl with friends on other platforms. After a fast-paced match, players can challenge their friends to mini-games in the social hub and flex their avatar and gun skins. Customizable homes and further social experiences are in development.

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