The Virtuix Omni VR Standing Platform

The Virtuix Omni VR Standing Platform

The crowdfunded Virtuix Omni is a circular platform that VR players glide on in special shoes. That movement is tracked by sensors and translated into virtual reality.

Compared to traditional treadmill, our VR Standing Platform is more attractive and easier to use! It is also a Full Commercial Solution for your VR Business.

It’s a Treadmill

A VR treadmill is a great way to bring full-body immersion to virtual reality. The treadmill allows users to walk or run around a large space while still being safe and in a controlled environment. The device is compatible with VR headsets, including the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.

The Virtuix Omni is a virtual reality treadmill that lets you physically run, jump, and crouch in place while experiencing immersive virtual worlds. It’s a complex setup that can be expensive, but it’s an exciting new way to experience virtual reality. The company’s latest version, the Omni One, will be available for home use starting in 2021. The consumer model costs $1,995, and the developer kit is $995.

KAT VR Walk is another VR treadmill that offers a full-body immersion. It is lighter and smaller than the Virtuix Omni, with a simpler design that is easier to maneuver. It uses a belt to keep you in place rather than a ring around the waist, which can cause problems for some people who tend to hit their hands on it when they’re drawing swords or holstering guns in VR.

This VR treadmill is compatible with 40 different brands of treadmills and enables high-precision tracking. It also comes with a wide field of view and 6DoF for an VR Standing Platform incredible gaming experience. The VR treadmill has a lot of features, such as haptic feedback and vibrations, that add to the realism and excitement of the experience.

It’s a Platform

The VR standing platform can be used with vr tracker and htc vive wireless adapter to track the player’s movements precisely in virtual reality and reproduce them in real-time, providing a more natural gaming experience. This can create a strong and high immersion in the virtual world, making it possible for players to play like a master knife, a shooting star or exert their observation, leadership and wisdom in the secret rooms. It’s a Full Commerical Solution for HTC Vive VR Arcade.

It’s a Game Machine

If you’re in the market for an VR UFO 5 Seats immersive gaming experience, this VR standing platform is your ticket. It features a 55-inch screen that plays a promotional video and a self-starting game tutorial in a loop to attract customers. The machine is compatible with standard coin payment methods, and can be operated by any adult who knows how to use a VR headset.

The platform uses HTC Tracker and six camera sensors to track players’ movements and reproduce them in virtual reality, ensuring full inside-out tracking accuracy. It also supports 6DoF and wide FOV for complete freedom of movement. Combined with a high-quality HTC VIVE Cosmos headset, it provides an excellent VR experience.

Users can play any VR game they want with this device. They can compete against each other in a multiplayer game, fight enemies in a shooter game, or use their observation, leadership, and wisdom to complete one room escape theme after another. It is a full commercial solution with a low investment and easy to operate, and can provide a stable income for business operators.

This virtual reality hamster ball could be the most fun way to experience virtual reality. The technology works by placing the user in a 10-foot hollow sphere, and letting them move around it as they walk or run. It is able to translate their movements into analog gamepad input, and can support both new VR content and legacy PC games that accept analogue input.

It’s a Business Machine

VR is a game-changer for anyone who works in logistics, distribution, and other fields where it’s challenging to see how your ideas work in practice. The company DHL Express has used VR to promote safe, efficient unit load device stacking in their warehouses.

This VR standing platform is a full Commerical solution for VR Business, it’s totally different with home using, Stable, Effective and Attractive figure make it easy to start your own VR Business! It is very popular with customers worldwide. Easy operation, high return and low investment. It is the best choice for you to expand your VR Business!

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