IronWolf VR – A Virtual Reality Submarine Simulator For Kids (And Adults Too)

IronWolf VR – A Virtual Reality Submarine Simulator For Kids (And Adults Too)

Virtual Reality submarine simulator for kids (adults too). Use a simulation periscope to observe, aim and shoot at targets in a gorgeous sea environment.

Polish developer Titan Gamez has unveiled UBOAT: Silent Wolf, a submarine simulator for VR headsets that promises an immersive World War II experience. Command a submarine in a singleplayer story campaign or play with friends online in co-op.

1. Immersive environment

The underwater world is yours to explore in this stunning VR visual experience. Immerse yourself in the magnificent world of marine flora and fauna. Experience the wonders of the ocean and meet a variety of sea creatures, including giant whales and squid. The immersive VR visuals make you feel like you are actually there, and the graphics are so realistic that you will be awed by this amazing technology.

Michael Muller, a renowned photojournalist, uses virtual reality to share the ocean’s most sacred places and species with the world. Unlike traditional photography, his work captures the pristine environments in full, natural color.

Whether you’re ocean-curious or a veteran diver between dives, this VR experience is the next best thing to seeing marine life up close. Watch a sardine bait ball swirl in the wake of sharks and dolphins or swim through a wreck and rock VR Submarine formation that would be difficult to reach even for a certified diver.

This virtual reality experience allows you to respectfully explore one of Australia’s historic shipwrecks in a way that respects this cultural heritage site and the marine life it protects. Use this video to introduce students to the National Marine Sanctuary system and help them learn about the underwater treasures protected by these sites. This is a great opportunity to practice student-centered learning and collaboration, and it’s free!

2. Controls

Immerse yourself in the beauty of the underwater world in this exciting VR submarine simulation. Experience the thrill of hunting down enemy vessels with your periscope and firing torpedoes against hostile ships. The game features stunning high-definition graphics & lifelike environments to fully immerse you in the role of a submarine captain.

It has been developed to bring a full immersive virtual reality submarine simulation experience to PCVR headsets. Whether it is the quiet tension of searching the high seas for vulnerable merchant ships while dodging enemy Destroyers or the rush of lineing up a periscope over an unsuspecting ship to fire a torpedo, IronWolf VR will take you on a thrilling adventure as the captain of a submarine in WWII.

You will be in charge of the submarine’s systems & must attend to various issues that could arise, from water leaks to pressure problems. You can submerge & resurface your submarine, as well as set speed (orders), watch important dials & a map on the Control Room screen. The map display shows the environment around your submarine – including direction, mines, targets in view of the periscope, hydrophone blips and sonar waves.

In addition to the new VR controls for interacting with the world, this mod also updates many of the existing interface elements for touch controllers. The PDA now appears on your face and is accessed by pressing the A button on your dominant hand. You can also move your finger to open quick items menus and even interact with the interface in an intuitive way, just like with a tablet in real life.

3. Weapons

In addition to managing the submarine’s speed and engines, you can also launch torpedoes and fire at enemy ships with your deck gun. However, simply gunning straight for the nearest ship won’t get you very far. Rather, you need to use stealth to optimally position your sub and then fire your deck gun or a pair of torpedoes to kill the enemy ship.

The deck gun is pretty satisfying to shoot. It has a great report and slams back when you hit something. While it’s not the best weapon for destroying enemy ships, it is a nice way to pick off helpless ones or rescue your SEALs from a hostile port.

If you’re looking for a more lethal weapon, the missile compartment is where you want to go. This four-level room contains 24 missile tubes and all the mechanical and electrical equipment to launch them. It also has 9-man bunk rooms between the missile tubes on the second level and a medical station on one of the levels.

Finally, the Captain (although he’s really a Commander except on SSBNs and SSGNs) gives the order to dive the submarine. This is done by opening the Main Ballast Tank vents and allowing water to flow into them from grates in the keel. The sub VR UFO Machine will then sink into the sea, consuming water as it does so.

4. Multiplayer

IronWolf VR is a roomscale submarine game that can be played in solo, local co-op or online multiplayer. The game aims to provide the best possible experience for VR with detailed control systems that mimic the real thing. Players will be able to hunt down enemy ships and battles using a range of weapons, including a wide variety of torpedoes and deck guns. The game also offers a story campaign that will immerse players in an engrossing WWII-themed narrative.

While playing the game alone is a blast, it becomes all the more rewarding when you play with friends. It’s a lot easier to navigate the sub when you have a partner to help with things like loading torpedoes in the weapons room, managing speed and engine power in the control room and repairing leaks in your hull with a welding torch. However, if you are a solo player you’ll still find that navigating the ocean is a long and time-consuming process, especially when ships in pursuit ping your sonar around.

Developed by Titan Gamez, UBOAT: The Silent Wolf is currently slated to be released “soon” for Meta Quest, Meta Quest 2 and Quest Pro and then shortly after that on Steam for PC VR headsets. The game looks promising and is definitely worth checking out if you’re looking for a new submarine simulator to add to your collection.

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