VR Spaceship

VR Spaceship

VR Spaceship

VR Spaceship is a new virtual reality experience that gives you a taste of what it’s like to fly aboard a rocket-powered spaceship. It’s similar to games like Artemis or Star Trek: Bridge Crew but you can walk around the interior of the ship.

The best VR space experience available, however, is the non-gamified Mission: ISS. This four-part documentary is a fascinating glimpse into life on the ISS.

Float through the Galaxy

For the millions of space-minded folks who don’t have $20 million lying around to spend on a vacation to outer space, virtual reality offers an immersive alternative. And as VR headsets become more common, there are a growing number of space-themed experiences to explore.

One of the most impressive is Mission: ISS, which immerses you in a little corner of the International Space Station, where you can navigate tight spaces and gently bat floating items out of your way. It’s a bit more educational than game-like, but it’s still a fantastically immersive experience that will leave you feeling like an astronaut.

A more recent addition is Spheres, which takes advantage of virtual reality’s strength of making you feel vast and large by placing you inside a massive simulated universe filled with nebulae, planets, moons, and star systems. The effect is breathtakingly beautiful and makes you feel like you’re really in the middle of the cosmos.

Other space-themed VR games like Artemis and Star Trek: Bridge Crew let you control a spaceship from a bridge station, but PULSAR: Lost Colony lets you walk around the ship, much more like submarine games such as HMS Marulken. This kind of movement is what’s going to open up the space travel market for everyone, not just the wealthy few.

Shoot the Enemies

In VR Spaceship, you are in the pilot’s seat of a giant spaceship. You can use the left and right VR Spaceship controllers to fire guns and missle weapons. Your goal is to save the galaxy from alien spaceships. You can fly around the solar system and defeat all enemy ships before they shoot you. You can also use the gravity gun to fling asteroids at enemy ships.

A new way to play the classic arcade game. StarshipVR takes the gameplay seated and puts you in your own personal spaceship to fight off waves of enemy ships. You can fire the ship’s weapons and use the gravity gun to fling asteroids as a shield against incoming missiles.

This is the definitive version of SUPERHOT in virtual reality. It is a perfect example of how a great game can be even better in VR. This is one of the most exciting games to experience because it is completely free and offers an incredible level of immersion.

The graphics and sound are top notch, but the controls can be confusing at first. To move, you look at pink way points. This VR Motorcycle works well, but you may want to adjust the settings for this as it can be distracting when trying to aim your weapons.

Half Life fans will love this new take on the world of Alyx. This VR exclusive spin-off makes excellent use of the technology to create a terrifying and visceral experience. The graphical quality and optional eye tracking make it a must for PSVR 2 owners.

Explore the Solar System

Space exploration is a key part of any space game, and fortunately there are plenty of options available. One of the best is Spacecraft, a free app that lets you step inside a virtual space station and experience weightlessness through intuitive movement — simply grab or push away on the sides of your head to navigate around the space. This is a great way to get used to VR before playing more interactive games that require you to use the controls to move.

You can also take a trip around the solar system with Discovery Space 2, which features jaw-dropping 360-degree views of planets in orbit and close-ups of their surface textures. There’s no explosions or shooting in this game, which is more about sightseeing and discovery than anything else. It’s narrated by celebrities including Millie Bobby Brown and Jessica Chastain, and it’s a must-have for anyone interested in VR.

The Aerospace Corporation’s patent-pending Project Phantom is another promising space simulation that combines VR and AR. It allows scientists in VR (aka “Phantoms”) to investigate digitized 3D renderings of extraterrestrial terrain obtained by Explorers on the ground. Then the Explorers can physically access the annotated locations to perform further research and analysis. This feedback loop is a key feature that sets this technology apart from existing AR systems, which only overlay images and models over the real world without allowing them to be accessed or modified by those in VR.

Save the Galaxy

This VR game takes the classic arcade game of shooting alien spaceships to a whole new level. The player has to float through the galaxy while destroying enemy ships by using the left and right controllers. It is a perfect way to have a fun time while also learning more about the Solar System and the Universe.

Unlike the games Artemis or Star Trek: Bridge Crew, this one allows the user to walk around the ship. This is something that many players have been waiting for and will make the experience much more immersive. It can be used for exploring the alien planets or starbases which makes it even better.

As we all know, virtual reality has already made a great impact in our lives. It has been used for medical and military training, as well as in education. VR can be used to teach astronomy, science, and physics, among other things. It can even be used to train astronauts for various situations they might face in outer space.

For example, the ESA’s GRASP investigation helps to understand how a person perceives gravity by observing how they reach for objects in a VR setting. Observing how the brain coordinates hand movement with information from other senses such as sight and hearing is crucial to understanding how an astronaut adapts to living in microgravity.

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