Turn Your Merchandise Machine Into a Ticket to Prize Powerhouse

Turn Your Merchandise Machine Into a Ticket to Prize Powerhouse

Turn your merchandiser into a ticket to prize powerhouse with the addition of a ticket box. This system is easy to use and allows you to track unused tickets for future redemption.

Guests love the self-serve option to redeem prizes that gives them full control. It reduces wait times and eliminates frustrations for your staff.

Ticket Dispensers

This dispenser is designed to work with all ticket redemption machines and can dispense National, Globe, Indiana, Guangzhou or other standard arcade tickets. It also features the ability to add a Nayax, ePort or Cryptopay Kit for credit card processing.

The dispenser has a separator mechanism incorporating at least one skewed separator member that extends transversely of and at a cute angle to the direction of travel of the ticket strip adjacent the separation location, in conjunction with a motive device for moving said separator and the strip longitudinally with respect to each other, so that said separator member bears against the strip at locations progressing along the line of weakness to tear the tickets apart. In contrast to prior separators, the present separator does not hold the downstream end of the strip during this separating operation.

As the blade 92 rotates, the helix-shaped portion of the blade presses against the ticket strip 94, creating a shearing action that tears each ticket progressively apart along the selected line of weakness. Unlike prior separators, the present separator requires relatively low levels of force to accomplish the separating action, which reduces wear on the machine components and the energy used by the system.

The helix-shaped portion of the blade 92 is positioned at the lower separation location shown in FIG. 14, which is advantageous because the leading edge of the ticket strip 90 contacts the blade 92 before the perforation at the junction between the lead and following tickets reaches the separation location 66. This creates a signal to the control circuitry that the ticket is being separated, and this causes the motor 84 to start.

Ticket Value Cards

Redemption games are arcade games of skill that reward the player proportionally to their performance. The reward usually comes in the form of tickets that can be exchanged for prizes. The simplest toys (candy, small plastic or rubber toys) require only a few hundred tickets to acquire while the most expensive prizes (skateboards, low-end electronics) may require thousands of tickets.

Ticket value cards can help streamline prize redemption and improve customer service in your game room. Laketran offers prepaid paper value cards that deduct your fare each time you use them, and print the remaining balance on the back. They are ticket to prize redemption machine available at our ticket offices and at many participating stores and businesses.

A state-of-the-art redemption kiosk can centrally secure and transfer valuable redemption currency, prevent theft and fraud, defeat counterfeiting and reduce labor costs. It also speeds up the redemption process by allowing customers to skip the redemption counter and directly swap their new redemption items for tickets. This solution from Andamiro features dual 23” monitors that offer a clear, easy-to-follow user experience with instructions and graphics that display inserted items, progress and dispensed tickets. The kiosk also validates barcoded and RFID cards including souvenir coins like Andamiro’s NFLPA pro football player heads and coins, and it is capable of accepting both blue and green chips in busy chip locations to speed up service.

Ticket Counters

If you are a business owner that features redemption games, then a ticket counter is an important part of your operation. Ticket counters are used to quickly count and validate tickets, allowing your guests to trade them in for prizes at the ticket redemption counter. This is a great way to reduce waiting times and improve the guest experience.

Ticket counters can be self-serve or operated by your staff at your attended redemption counter, as well as being used as standalone units that can be set up in the arcade area. They feature high quality Seiko printers for fast and accurate operation with password protected accounting, custom marquees, self cleaning, redundant reliability and scissor cutters for easy ticket trimming.

One of the most important aspects of a successful redemption business is having trained, knowledgeable staff at your ticket redemption counter. A poorly trained employee can not only slow down your productivity, but it can also harm your reputation in the process. A ticket counter is a position that should be reserved for your best, experienced employees.

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Ticket Printers

The right printer is key to your ticketing success. Unlike laser printers that require toner cartridge replacement and constant maintenance, thermal printers print using selectively heated paper with special thermal coatings. This allows the printing of complex graphics and bar codes on ticket stock with minimal wear and tear.

Microcom’s high quality thermal ticket printers are optimized for the ticketing industry and provide years of trouble free operation. They work well with the most popular ticketing software. The printers are sold separately and include a base model, power cable, and USB interface. An optional LCD display is available for easy visual identification of the printer’s status.

Most of our clients use either the BOCA Lemur or Dance Game Machine Stimare models for their ticket printing needs. Both are compatible with Spektrix and offer a range of sizes for your specific ticket needs.

TIP: Once your printers are added to the Box Office App they will be available across your organisation for anyone to print tickets. The only requirement is that the box office computer to which the printer is attached must have a wired connection and be running the Box Office App.

Once you add the printer to the Box Office App it will show up on the Ticket Printer page in Theatre Manager. Click the “Settings” button and the IP address of the printer will appear. If you want to enable wifi on the printer you can do so, however we recommend that you discuss the issue with your IT team as this will create an exploitable part of your network and should be documented per PCI requirements.

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