Ticket Redeemment Game Machines

Ticket Redeemment Game Machines

Ticket redemption game machines reward players with tickets for their gaming success. These tickets can then be traded in for prizes at your ticket redemption counter. Toys and small novelty prizes may require a few hundred tickets, while skateboards or low-end electronics can require thousands of them.

ICE GO BALLISTIC is a video redemption game that allows players to throw soft balls at an interactive touch screen. This machine has 5 mini-games that the player can choose from.

Barrel of Laughs Arcade Machine

A fun, family game that ignites giggles and guffaws. Players fight to complete their tasks as quickly as possible and win tickets. The more tasks they complete, the higher their ranking on the barrel podium!

Animated light-based video redemption game where players try to align the streaking light bar with the bonus line to win the jackpot or ticket amount shown. This high-profit game is a great way to add an extra element of excitement to your location!

This unique, baseball-themed machine combines the challenge of alley bowling with the thrill of a home run derby. The more balls you knock down, the more tickets you arcade equipment supplier earn. This attractive machine is a fun addition to any venue, and it’s easy to play!

Step up and spin the giant bass wheel to win tickets. This colorful, fun game features funny fishing bloopers, dual ticket dispensers, an operator menu and more.

Black Hole Arcade Machine

Black Hole is a skill-based ticket redemption game that creates out of this world fun! Players fire the ball by pulling a pinball-style plunger and watch it orbit around the central playfield, looking for a hole to fall into. Hit the hole in the center that is labelled “Jackpot!” and you’ll earn tickets for a listed bonus. The fast and addictive gameplay keeps players coming back for more!

Designed by Gottlieb, this 1-4 player pinball machine features two playfields. The lower playfield is visible through a blue plastic window in the center of the upper playfield, and can be accessed via a button labelled “Jump to Lower”. Racing Game Machine The game has a very distinctive look with a widebody style cabinet that gives it a distinct edge over other machines in the same line-up.

The unique game design and exciting action makes Black Hole one of the most popular Gottlieb titles in history. This machine is a great option for locations that want to offer something different from the traditional, standard ticket redemption games in their lineups.

Blue Cat Park Arcade Machine

The Blue Cat Park ticket redemption arcade machine from Andamiro features a fun animal theme that kids and families will love. This colorful game rewards players for shooting the ball into the moving color blocks and has a jackpot when five colors in a row are shot.

Bass Wheel is a novelty arcade game that allows players to spin a giant wheel and receive tickets based on the number the wheel stops on. It can be played solo or linked to other machines for a multiplayer experience.

Merchandiser games reward players for their skill but are primarily used to collect E-Tickets which can then be redeemed for high-quality prizes at the redemption center. Merchandiser machines are perfect for providing additional revenue to your location by offering products like candy, popcorn, photo booths, collectable cards, and a variety of other options.

The Crank It novelty arcade game from Bay Tek Game is an eye catching piece with a small foot print but big impact for your location. This simple and engaging game allows players to challenge a virtual opponent in an arm wrestling match.

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