Buying a Ticket Redeemment Game Machine

Buying a Ticket Redeemment Game Machine

A ticket redemption game machine is a game that gives players tickets proportionally to their scores, which can then be traded in for prizes at the ticket redemption counter. Depending on the type of prize that you feature, it can be a great draw for kids and adults.

These machines are typically geared towards younger crowds and are often paired with a merchandise counter.

Ticket Dispensers

Ticket dispensers are used to speed up the process of purchasing tickets for movies, concerts and other events. Until these machines were invented, customers had to wait in long lines to purchase tickets from an employee. Once they were able to get their tickets, they would then proceed to the movie or event.

The dispenser is capable of separating a ticket strip into individual tickets and can also include a bar code reader for reading coded information from the ticket and verifying that the ticket is a winner. The separator mechanism is a rotary shaft having a dull helical blade that rotates to contact one of the tickets and tear it apart at a point that progresses across the perforation line.

When the dispense button is depressed, the ticket strip moves up and over the separator blade in a portion where the blade does not block the passage of the leading ticket 90. The ticket is moved through the outlet passageway until it stops with the perforation line at the corner 62 at a location that will be called the separation location 66.

Upon the occurrence of this condition, the control circuitry microprocessor 122 is programmed to move the ticket strip a fixed further distance equal to the distance between the corner 62 and the opening 66 from the outlet passageway at 61. As the strip moves through this ticket redemption game machine motion, a magnet 78 mounted on an arm piece 74 extends from a Hall-effect detector 76 and moves away from a stationary support in the dispenser mechanism. The resulting signal is used by the microprocessor to correctly position the perforation at the separating location 66.


A prize in a ticket redemption game is any merchandise, souvenir or other item that can be offered to players. The items can include a can of soda, slice of pizza, radio, stuffed animal or toy model, coupon for a product that has monetary value outside the gaming environment, cash, and free games to play on the machine.

In some ticket redemption games, the prizes are displayed on a screen and the player must select the desired prize by interacting with a display. This type of prize selection can be tedious and time-consuming for operators. The present invention provides a solution to this problem.

The system includes a prize menu on the game machine’s display that shows all of the available prizes. The machine also has an input device to allow a player to input an indication of a selection of a prize in said prize selection menu. The machine then dispenses a specific prize ticket describing said selected prize to the player.

This incredibly fun and exciting new ticket redemption game from Benchmark Games requires the player to time a high energy ball drop so that it falls through one of several prizes in the cabinet. If the ball makes it through the JACKPOT, MYSTERY VALUE or TICKET WIN VALUEs the player wins! This is a fun and exciting way to earn tickets, especially for children.

Arcade Games

The best ticket redemption games combine elements of skill with a monetary reward. This enables players to earn tickets, tokens or electronic points that they can redeem at the redemption counter for prizes of varying value. A prize as cheap as a piece of candy may require only a few tickets to acquire, while the most expensive prizes, such as skateboards or low-end electronics, might require several thousand.

To increase the number of redemptions, you must ensure that each game has a high hit frequency, a good ticket payout percentage, and an attractive theme. However, it’s important to note that the average game time and hit frequency of a machine are not the same thing: a machine with a high hit frequency could have an average game time of two minutes but a low ticket payout percentage because it gives out a lot of tickets every time it is played.

To get the most out of your redemption counter, consider adding a self-service kiosk that accepts, validates and counts collectible cards, coins and chips as well as tickets. The new Andamiro kiosk is compatible with the Scene75 card system and allows you to offer an attended redemption counter on busy days, self-service redemption on slow ones, or a hybrid model on all days. The kiosk is also a great way to sell additional game cards and merchandise.

Buying a Used Ticket Redemption Machine

For those looking to bring a fun and interactive game to their venue, but don’t want to break the bank, buying a used ticket redemption machine is a great option. These machines allow players to compete against one another and earn tickets that they can redeem at the counter for prizes. Here are a few examples of the types of games you can buy:

The PULL MY FINGER ticket redemption arcade game encourages players to keep pulling the monkey’s finger and plunge a ball onto the playfield. This bright and colorful game has a classic theme that will attract players of all ages.

A BLACK HOLE ticket redemption arcade machine from Coastal Amusements allows players to throw balls at different targets basketball game machine that appear on the 65” screen. Each target has a different value and the player must aim for the ones that will give them the most tickets.

A WINNERS’ CUBE prize self-redemption arcade machine by ICE is a high earning and durable crane that can be converted to “Jewelry Stop” or “Electronics Stop” (operator adjustable). This stunning jetpack cabinet design will draw attention from customers. This is a great choice for any location that wants to offer a variety of merchandise.

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