VR Egg Chair

VR Egg Chair

VR Egg Chair is an immersive experience that combines virtual reality with multi-sensory stimulation. It offers an immersive and interactive experience that is perfect for amusement parks, shopping malls and other entertainment venues.

This VR simulator has environmental simulations like wind, air jet, leg sweep, back poking, vibration and shooting which can add real feeling when playing games or watching movies.

Product Description

The VR Egg Chair is a popular virtual reality simulator that offers immersive and interactive experiences. It features a double egg-shaped VR dynamic seat, motion sensors, and haptic feedback to create an immersive experience for its users. It can be used in a variety of entertainment venues, including theme parks and amusement centers.

The immersive virtual reality simulator uses a 720deg view to transport its users into various worlds and environments. It is also equipped with a VR goggle that enhances the user’s visual and auditory senses. Its simulated effects include sweeping legs, back vibration, face air blowing, leg tickle, and back sweep, which add to the immersive experience.

The VR egg chair is a classic VR game machine that is easy to operate and maintain. Its patented motion platform technology offers realistic simulation. Its curved shape provides the user with a comfortable and secure feel while enjoying the immersive virtual reality experience. It is also available in a wide range of colors and finishes. Some even come with a base that is made of metals for durability.

Product Features

A popular summer decor item, the egg chair is a modern take on a classic Danish design. It combines comfort with a VR Egg Chair mind-blowing virtual experience. It swivels on a metal base and is upholstered with durable fabrics like Sunbrella. It is also available in a range of different colors to match your decor. If you are looking for an even more unique look, you can choose a VR egg chair that is covered in rattan or another natural material.

Virtual Reality technology takes entertainment to the next level, with immersive experiences that make it feel like you are right there in the action. Whether you are flying on a space shuttle or driving a racing car, VR can transport you to any place you want to go.

VR is a game changer, making it possible to create realistic and interactive gaming experiences. It can be used for gaming or to watch movies and TV shows. The best part is that it can be played VR Spaceship by one or two people, so you can enjoy the experience together with friends and family.

Product Specifications

The VR Egg Chair, VR 360 Chair, and 9D Cinema Simulator redefine vr entertainment experiences by transporting users into virtual realms. Whether you’re an experienced gamer, a film lover or an adventure seeker, these innovative technologies will have you immersed in experiences that are limited only by your imagination.

This virtual reality egg simulator ride uses a dynamic experience platform with special effects such as seat vibration, blowing wind, leg sweep, back pushing and other environmental simulations to provide immersive and exciting VR movies or games’ feeling for the players. It features an all-in-one console that is easy to operate and includes a 19inch HD display with 5kinds of special effect function, such as face air blowing, leg sweep, ear wind, vibration and back push.

Designed with the future in mind, this VR simulator features a bold, captivating appearance that defies traditional norms. It’s a perfect choice for brand owners and distributors looking to offer immersive VR experiences that will stand out from the competition. This VR simulator offers a wide variety of movie content, including thrilling movies such as roller coasters and dinosaur parks, along with interactive shooting games. It also comes with monthly updates, ensuring that franchisees can continue to generate high profits. This ensures that customers will be satisfied and keeps them coming back again and again.

Product Warranty

The VR Egg Chair combines comfort with mind-blowing virtual experiences to deliver an unforgettable immersive experience. Powered by advanced motion sensors, surround sound, and haptic feedback, it immerses users in a world where reality and imagination blend seamlessly.

The double egg-shaped VR dynamic seat is equipped with high-performance DPVR headsets and a 720p display, providing users with a full range of virtual reality content. Its rumble effects can be driven by game audio or through a separate TMX 150 Force Feedback Steering Wheel from Thrustmaster. Its immersive special effects such as push back, leg tickle, shaking and vibration help create a realistic environment for players to explore.

Its compact design and easy operation make it a popular choice for a variety of entertainment venues. This includes amusement parks, shopping malls, and cinemas. It also offers a unique and exciting experience for people of all ages.

While many people use these chairs to hang from a ceiling or tree, some models come with an attached base that can sit on any flat surface. These bases are typically made from a durable material such as wood or synthetic materials that are weatherproof and designed for outdoor use.

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