Coin Operated Air Hockey Tables

Coin Operated Air Hockey Tables

Air hockey tables use a special table surface with holes through which air is blown. A plastic puck floats on this cushion of air and players strike the puck with paddles.

When an 8-foot Dynamo is too much for your location, this 7-foot table is the perfect size for a socially competitive game that fits in well with adult locations. Features high-performance construction and a sleek design.

Game play

Air hockey is a fast-paced game that can be played by two or more players. The game is popular in bars, arcades, and recreation centers around the world. Players attempt to score more goals than the other player within a certain time limit. The game is also a favorite of children.

Air Hockey is a sport with a close-knit community of serious players. Many of these players participate in local tournaments. There are several professional air hockey tables sanctioned for competition by the USAA (United States Air-Table Hockey Association) and AHPA (Air Hockey Players’ Association). These tables feature a high-quality, slick surface that minimizes friction. In addition, the players compete in a variety of different table sizes and shapes.

Barron Games International offers a new 2 player ticket redemption air hockey called “Air Ride”. This table is designed to fit in small locations with height restrictions. It features scoring directly on the playfield and LED lighting to attract and engage players.

The Great American Coin Operated Jr Power Air Hockey Table is made in Rhode Island using professional arcade-quality air hockey coin operated standards. This table is the perfect size for kids and features an overhead electronic scoring unit. It is the perfect way to increase your establishment’s revenue and keep customers coming back for more action.


Air hockey tables are designed to be a profit generator for businesses by accepting payments in the form of coins or credit card swipes. Commercial quality tables feature coin receivers and puck distributors that are easy to set up, requiring little staff maintenance. They also have industrial rated blowers that are built to be able to handle high volumes Vending Machine of play without overworking them. They require a little routine maintenance to keep them in good working order. It is important to keep the surface of the table clean with an off-the-shelf surface cleaner and periodically check for blockages in the air holes to ensure that the puck can travel easily over the surface. It is recommended to do this about once or twice per year.


The air hockey table is a classic coin-operated amusement game that is a staple at most arcades and can be played for fun or for cash. The patented technology used to make these tables run smoothly and reliably makes them a great addition to any establishment. They also require very little maintenance. This allows you to keep your customers happy and coming back for more playtime.

A typical air hockey table consists of a large smooth playing surface that minimizes friction, a surrounding rail to prevent the puck and strikers (paddles) from leaving the table, slots in the rail at either end to serve as goals, and a machine that produces a cushion of air on top of the table. This air cushions the puck, allowing it to fly quickly over the surface of the table and avoid collisions with other players or obstacles on the ground.

The newest generation of Dynamo brings advanced design and eye-catching graphics to attract players and generate revenue. This new Dynamo Photon combines the latest innovations with time-tested Dynamo durability to create an exciting game experience for everyone. The patented Dyna-Blast blower system means faster action. Its easy to maintain mechanical assemblies and cheat-proof coin entry system ensure long-term profitability.

When an 8ft commercial coin operated Dynamo is too much for your location, or you want a smaller version of the popular Dynamo Best Shot table, try the 7ft Fire Storm! This crowd-pleaser offers the same serious Dynamo quality as our Hot Flash table, but in a compact form. This new model features black light overhead, exciting new graphics, and the always-quality Dynamo construction.


Air hockey is an exciting, high-profit game that can bring new life to recreation centers, bars, and other gaming establishments. With its fast-paced gameplay, air hockey is a favorite among gamers of all ages. This tabletop game is a great way to increase your business’s revenue by charging patrons per round of play. It can even be customized to match your establishment’s branding or theme.

Designed to be commercial-grade, these tables are equipped with industrial-rated air blowers that can handle high volumes of play. Additionally, they require less maintenance than other arcade games. This allows you to focus on other aspects of your business while generating additional revenue. Furthermore, most air hockey tables have coin receivers and puck distributors built in, making them easy to set up and run without the need for additional staff.

The game of air hockey was invented by Brunswick Billiards employees in 1969. Phil Crossman, Bob Kenrick, and Brad Baldwin worked on creating a low-friction surface that would allow players to use handheld discs called strikers and a plastic puck to compete against each other. They succeeded in creating a game that resembles ice hockey, with raised edges and a slick surface that minimizes friction. Today, the USAA, an international organization overseeing tournament play, has sanctioned several national-level and world championships. The AHPA, another organization, provides an additional service to the sport by codifying rules and promoting the game.

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