Customized Touch Screen Manufacturing|Butler Technologies Inc .

Customized Touch Screen Manufacturing|Butler Technologies Inc

Touch Foil – Interactive Via Glass Touch Screen|

Customized Touch Aluminum Foil for Specialized Applications. Often you want a touch display when there is no need for a digital display screen. You may just need the capability to feeling touch or gestures thru glass or acrylic for data logging or interactive triggers.

Personalized LCD Displays & Screens. Customized Components|Orient …

Whether your layout needs a little custom-made LCD present glass, or a fully personalized LCD module, or personalized screens and displays furnished with complex ingrained control panel with touch panels, our skilled engineers in The United States and Canada, Europe or in China factory will certainly assist you in creating your personalized screens.

Custom-made Cover Glass – Touch International

Customized Cover Lens & Glass Handling. Advanced devices incorporated with the most recent methods and also our specialized inks set us in addition to the competitors. Cover glass graphics can have logo designs, buttons, cutouts, pinholes (for LED indicators as well as cameras), as well as a numerous of colors.

Custom Glass Touch Screen

TouchScreenGlassTycotouchscreenglassisaterrificoptionforkioskmakersandOEMsdealingwithbuildingcustom-madedevices.Theresistivetouchscreenisexcellentforintegrationsaswellasworkswellforreplacingbustedtouchglassor Custom Glass Touch Screen non-functioningtouchscreens.Theglassstandsupwellinindustrialatmospheresandalsoisconstructedtolast.

Personalized Cut Glass Construction & Processing|Gelivableglass

Custom Glass. You will certainly see expert customized touch screen glass services from glass product, handling, and value-added-service over 10 years.Gelivable will make your concept to items with affordable price as well as responsive support.

Custom Glass Touch Screen

Transparent Touch Screen Technology |

Pro Present Clear LCD Touch Screen utilizing interactive multi-touch technology. Transparent Touch Displays incorporate our Clear LCD Displays in addition to a Touch Screen Overlay to develop a display with a distinction. Transparent touch screens bring 2 ingenious technologies with each other to create a reducing edge display screen that is difficult to ignore.

Custom-made Touch Display Manufacturing|Butler Technologies Inc.Custom Touch Screen Manufacturing|Butler Technologies Inc. Touch Screens Production Personalized Solutions Specialists within your reaches Butler Technologies, Inc. produces high quality custom-made touch screens for interface jobs. Custom-made Glass Touch Screens -Endoscope interface

Installedwithacapacitivetouchsensingunit,ourCustomGlassTouchScreenglassoverlayscanchangeyourexistingLCDorLEDdisplayrightintoaninteractivetouchscreen.Theycanberetrofittedonto Custom Glass Touch Screen alotofscreensandincludeapermanentordetachablerepairforsetupdirectlyonthedisplaybezel/frame.VerticallyIntegratedManufacturing&TouchPresentSolutionsByincludingacustom-madecoverglasstoyour

style, you can enhance and also showcase your product and brand. We can personalize your cover glass with graphics, switches, intermediaries, pinholes(for LED signs and also cams ), as well as any shade using our specialized ink sets.

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