Case For Lenovo Tab M10

Case for Lenovo tablet

Case For Lenovo Tab M10

The bare tablet is consumer-grade and looks it. Its thin body feels light but sturdy and its screen has a crisp, high-resolution display that delivers great words per minute for tablet typing.

But most tablets are used in rugged environments where it’s almost inevitable that they will be dropped and damaged. Adding a case significantly increases its ruggedness. MobileDemand’s Rugged xCase for this tablet is a fully-integrated exoskeleton and far more than just a generic sleeve or shell.

What’s in the box?

Lenovo has put together a solid package with the Tab M10. It features a beautiful 10.3-inch display with excellent viewing angles, a stylus input (which isn’t included but is readily available), and a great battery life. The only drawback is the low refresh rate on the screen – 60 Hz is fine for casual use but it’s not nearly as smooth and responsive as modern tablet displays with high refresh rates.

This tablet is a bit more expensive than its mid-range competitors but it’s still a very affordable option that does a lot more than you’d expect for the price. It’s a fantastic choice for people who need to do a lot of content consumption and light productivity in the field, and it can even handle some basic office work.

The tablet is lightweight and has a good-looking design that is quite appealing. It has a good number of ports and an HDMI port that make Case for Lenovo tablet it easy to connect peripherals such as a mouse and keyboard. It also has a back hand strap to help you hold the device for long periods of time without getting tired.

The xCase for the Lenovo tablet takes the form of a tough polycarbonate plastic exoskeleton that tightly snaps into the rubber boot and provides lots of extra functionality. It has four anchor points for a padded elastic handstrap and includes integrated loops on all sides for a briefcase handle. There are also screw holes for adding add-ons such as a mount for point-of-sale payment systems from MagTek, Ingenico, and Verifone, RFID readers, or specialty cameras (e.g., thermal imaging).


The tablet itself is a decent effort by Lenovo, with a nice screen and enough functionality to keep you productive. It doesn’t push the limits of Android tablets, but it does a solid job for the price.

The Snapdragon 845 processor has more than enough power to handle most applications, and it does well in our benchmark tests. The screen is bright and sharp, and the pixel density is high enough for text to remain crisp and clear. However, the 2K resolution does limit gaming performance and may be a deal-breaker for some.

Our test device included 6GB of RAM and 128GB of storage. That’s plenty of space to keep your apps and data, and the processor is fast enough for light gaming. However, more demanding titles will struggle to maintain a smooth frame rate at full resolution.

MobileDemand’s patented xCase is the ideal companion for the Lenovo Tab K10. The tough outer shell and inner silicone rubber boot fully encase the tablet to provide extreme durability, while raised rubber corner bumpers absorb impact forces. The xCase also has an integrated snap plate for the patented Snap Mount system, making it easy to attach the tablet to a mount in the field. The xCase can be customized with productivity-boosting modules like integrated barcode scanners, three-in-one payment modules, magstripe readers and more to expand frontline worker capabilities.


There are a number of different styles of tablet cases and covers for both consumer and business use. Popular choices are the hard case style, gel cases and leather/folio cases. Hard cases are very protective and keep the original form factor of the device with full access to buttons, ports and camera, they also usually have a handle for easy carrying. Gel cases are similar but are often made from EVA, which is a lightweight rubber feeling foam that is very protective and slim. These are popular with early school/educational settings and tend to have handles for children to hold the tablets easily.

Folio case style tablet cases are very stylish and come with a number of extra features. They typically include a viewing stand and typing stand, which make it very easy to stay productive throughout the day with the tablet. They also have an ergonomic closed button design and an anti-slip grip, which makes them comfortable to hold for extended periods of time.

MobileDemand’s rugged tablet case is a great example of this type of product, it offers a lot of protection for your Lenovo tablet and includes all the features you need to be productive on the go. It is available as a complete bundle, which contains a strengthened glass screen protector, Lenovo Tab K10 tablet and a MobileDemand rugged xCase. It also comes with a back hand strap and briefcase handle loops to eliminate fatigue from holding the device for extended periods of time.


The Lenovo Duet Chrome OS tablet is a pretty exciting choice. It has an ideal screen size, good build quality and premium performance. It also offers great value for money Case for Lenovo tablet and is one of the few Chrome OS tablets with a keyboard included.

MobileDemand’s xCase for this tablet adds a substantial amount of ruggedness to the device. It’s designed to withstand the bump and grind of a tough work environment, including warehousing, manufacturing, construction, logistics and more. The xCase protects the device with a rigid back shell, eco-leather covering and an anti-scratch interior. Its front cover also turns into a practical and convenient typing stand, making it easy to write or browse the web.

The xCase’s ruggedness is also demonstrated by its excellent drop resistance. In the test, it passed 26 drops from ten feet with power off, beating all other rugged cases.

Another nice feature is the clear asset-tag window, which allows for easy and quick scanning of a barcode. The xCase’s non-slip grip surface is also very comfortable in the hand. This makes it suitable for children to hold and use, which is why we see many of these types of rugged tablet cases being used in schools and early learning environments. It’s worth noting though that the xCase does not come with a tempered glass screen protector, which you will need to purchase separately.

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