The Triple Watch Winder

The Triple Watch Winder

Triple Watch Winder

The Triple Watch Winder is the latest in watch winding technology and a great addition to any collection. It combines the time-saving features of a traditional watch winder with the convenience of a digital display. And, it comes with an elegant, polished case that’s built to last.

Viceroy Collection by Wolf

The Viceroy Collection by Wolf is an understated and under appreciated collection of wares. Aside from a plethora of elegantly styled and unobtrusively functional baubles, the company also offers up a hefty dose of class ediness. Whether you’re looking for a new place to store your valuables or just want to know which o’clock is o’clock, we’ve got you covered. We also do a little digging for you to ensure you get the best price for your buck. So, if you’re in the market for the latest and greatest, make Watch Winders Plus your one stop shop for all things wristwatch related. You’ll be glad you did. Take a peek at our online catalogue and you’ll be astounded at the offerings we have in store for you. For instance, you’ll be impressed at the top of the line models we offer at the best possible price. From the most sexiest ladies to the sexiest gents, there’s a WOLF for every budget tier. Likewise, if you’re looking for a company that pays attention to detail, you’ll be blown away by the quality of our products.

Rothwell Triple

The Rothwell Triple Watch Winder is one of the best on the market. This winder holds three watches and offers multi-directional winding. It is ideal for your closet, dresser or nightstand.

Whether you are a new watch collector, or you have been collecting for years, you may need a good watch winder. They are convenient, affordable and can help keep your timepieces in perfect working order.

While a good winder will be able to hold a wide range of watches, it is important to choose one with settings that are sturdy enough to suit your needs. Some watches only work well when wound in a certain direction, and others require a different amount of turns per day.

In addition to making sure your watch is always wound in the correct direction, a watch winder will also keep the mechanical gears in your watch in good shape. These gears can wear down over time, and a watch winder can provide proper lubrication and prevent friction.

Rothwell makes a wide variety of watch winders. Each of them has a high-quality Japanese Mabuchi motor, which is quiet and reliable. With four settings, you can easily configure your winder to suit your needs.

For a single watch owner, the Triple Tree is a great choice. This small, compact winder features a touch screen for easy selection of programs. A large, glass front gives you a clear view of your watch.

If you have a larger collection, or are looking for a good option for a gift, the Wolf Heritage is an excellent option. It has three winders to handle the heaviest watches. You can even adjust the TPD setting.

Rothwell’s watch boxes are designed to hold watches up to 60mm. They feature a comfortable, spacious design and a bright, clear display. Many customers love this product.

Another popular choice is the JQueen. Made with real wood and lacquer, this winder comes with four programs. Choose between two bi-directional time periods, and a counterclockwise time period.

All of the watch winders mentioned above are affordable, and can be a great addition to any collection. Whether you are looking for something for your wife, son, or mom, you are sure to find the perfect winder for your needs.


The Wolf Designs Axis Triple Watch Winder is Triple Watch Winder a surprisingly robust device that will wind your watches in style. It comes with two watch cuffs, a travel case, and is powered by D-cell batteries. Moreover, the unit has a backlit LCD display that will count your rotations.

What’s really cool about the Wolf Axis is the sleek design that combines modern and classic styling. Its perforated stainless steel and copper accents will complement any setting. As a bonus, the unit is also equipped with a removable travel case that will protect your timepieces during transit.

In addition to the aforementioned storage compartment, the Axis watch winder has a tempered glass window. Additionally, the storage section features a microsuede liner. Lastly, the unit features a lockable glass cover. This is a good thing since the lid can be secured by the included key.

The Wolf Axis winding system is an authorized dealer and is backed by a 2 year factory warranty. You can find the unit online, as well as through a number of fine retailers. While the unit is a bit pricey, it is a worthwhile investment. Whether you need to wind up your favorite timepieces or are looking for a gift for a watch aficionado, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for in this stylish piece.

While the Axis triple watch winder may not be the most efficient way to wind your timepieces, it is certainly the most stylish and functional. From the aforementioned backlit LCD display to the elegant copper accents, the unit is sure to impress. Designed for the watch aficionado, it is the perfect fusion of old school functionality with a new age flair.

The WOLF Axis watch winder is one of the best choices for those who want a stylish and practical solution for ensuring that their timepieces are always in tip top condition. With its impressively modern design and high level of performance, this is the only system you’ll ever need to wind up your most prized timepieces. Featuring the aforementioned display, a black-hued artificial leather exterior, and a copper-plated hardware set, the WOLF Axis is the ultimate watch slinging solution.


If you have a collection of fine watches, the Roadster Triple Watch Winder by WOLF is a great investment. It will ensure your timepieces are kept in tip top shape at all times. The winder has a bidirectional setting that allows you to double the number of rotations per day.

This model also features a locking glass cover and a Triple Watch Winder removable travel case. Each unit has a full two-year manufacturer warranty.

The Roadster Triple is made from ebony Macassar polished wood with leather that’s glove soft. There are also chrome spoked wheels and aged wood dashboards.

The top-unit storage compartment is lined with scratch resistant patterned satin. Powered by an AC power adapter, this area can hold up to five additional watches.

Wolf Roadster has three patented lock-in cuffs that allow you to secure your watches in place. You can also set a delay on the start of the winding sequence.

Unlike most generic winders on the market, the Roadster Triple offers precise timing. It’s easy to operate. With a ten-second start delay and a motor that operates almost silently, you can rest assured that your timepieces are not going to make any noise.

The Roadster Triple is compatible with watches up to 52mm. Larger models are only compatible with an AC power adapter.

This winder can be operated with an AC power adapter or with D-Cell Lithium batteries. It can also run on a 3.3V adapter.

This model’s design is inspired by the dashboards of British motorcars. The polished hardware, a backlit LCD display and chrome spoked wheels give it a sleek, refined look.

Using a Wolf Roadster is a simple process. Simply place the watch cuff into the cuff slot and lock it in place. Use the knob to control the power for each winding cell.

The Roadster Triple has a ten-second start delay and can rotate up to 1200 turns a day. It’s perfect for larger and heavier watches. And you’ll never have to worry about over-winding your timepiece.

For a limited time, Wolf Designs is offering a promo code to help you save 25 percent off your purchase. The promo code is available for the following products: Meridian, Savoy, Heritage, and Roadster.

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