Gashapon Machine – Getting Your Hands on Your Favorite Japanese Anime

Gashapon Machine – Getting Your Hands on Your Favorite Japanese Anime

The Gashapon Machine is a fun way to get your hands on some of your favorite Japanese anime characters. Whether you prefer Gundam, Fuchiko, MMO Cosmic Break or Tokyo Station, there’s something here for you.


Gundam gashapon machines are a popular way to purchase Gundam collectibles. They are available in stores in Japan and are great for adults and children alike. Many people spend hundreds of dollars to acquire a single gold capsule.

Gachapon machines have become popular in Japan since they were introduced in the 1960s. They are similar to the cheap vending machines found in the West. These machines offer figurines of anime characters, manga characters, and other famous landmarks.

There are hundreds of different kinds of gachapon. You can get random capsules, capsules that contain items, or mix and match toys. Most of the machines are divided into series. Each series will have a set of figures that you can collect.

Gashapon machines have also inspired video games. For instance, the Legend of Zelda series’ “Gasha Trees” have inspired mini-games in games like Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons. Similarly, the Mega Man Battle Network series’ Chip Trader functions similarly to a gashapon machine.

Gashapons are typically sold in blind boxes. They are small, plastic figurines mounted on a plastic bottle cap. Although these figurines are often difficult to assemble, they are still fun.

Some of the most popular gashapons include Gundam, Naruto, and the popular Kinniku Man Keshigomu. The main character of the manga series is named Keshigomu, meaning eraser. He comes in a variety of poses.

Another reason for the popularity of gashapons is the Japanese culture. It’s not uncommon to see gashapon machines at major airports, such as Tokyo’s Haneda and Osaka’s Nipponbashi.

As a result, many gachapon vending machines have a wide variety of items to choose from. In addition, they are very inexpensive. Even with the low prices, most gashapon goods are of high quality.


The Fuchiko Gashapon Machine is one of the most popular toy items in Japan. It can be found in supermarkets, train stations, and airports. People can buy it for as little as 100 yen or as much as 500 yen. They can also be purchased in sets. These are usually less expensive than buying them randomly.

This Japanese character was created by manga artist Katsuki Tanaka. She is dressed in a typical office uniform and has twin ponytails. Her personality is endearing and humorous.

The figurines are designed to be hung on any surface. They are also available in bento lunches. In fact, the figurines can also be used to decorate drinks.

Koppu no Fuchiko is a series of cute figurines of an OL (Office Lady). Each figurine has a balancing ability. Normally, she is portrayed as a blue dress office lady with outstretched arms. However, she can be viewed in more than 1,500 different poses.

The popularity of Gashapon Machine Fuchiko capsules grew, spanning countries such as Taiwan, France, and Thailand. The figurines have become especially popular among young women.

As of March 2017, Bandai has sold 3.4 billion units of these capsule toys. Some of these figures have even made it into books. Currently, the company releases around 30-40 new Gashapon each month.

Despite its low price, the Gashapon is a high quality item. Adults can enjoy it too. The figurines have been highly detailed and cost between Y=200 and Y=500 each.

If you’re looking to purchase these toys, you can find them at YumeTwins. You can also find them at online stores such as JapanTrendShop.

There are thousands of ingeniously designed trinkets in Japan. The figurines and figurine sets are known for their quality despite their low price.

Akihabara Gachapon Kaikan

Gachapon, which means “lucky capsule,” is a popular toy in Japan. It’s similar to the gumball machines found in America, except instead of a ball, it contains a capsule with a mystery item inside. And like a gumball machine, a gachapon can be purchased with money. But the item inside the capsule isn’t guaranteed.

The Gachapon shop in Akihabara has over 400 of them, and the staff is always ready to help you find the right one. You can also buy some fun and cute gachapon gifts, including face masks and kid-friendly trinkets. They’re available for just 200-300 yen, or around $3.

Some of the more fun gachapon toys include a sniper sparrow gashapon, featuring three snipers, and an Evangelion lottery game. Both are popular among fans of both anime and manga. There are also a few food-related gachapons.

One of the most popular gachapons is the Demon Slayer collection. This collectible contains eight chibis of major characters from the series. Another is the Evangelion lottery game, which features 17 prizes. Moreover, there’s a Giant Mystery Gachapon from Sugoi Mart, which offers a variety of items.

Whether you’re looking for new anime, food, or gadgets, the Gachapon Kaikan is the place to be. Hundreds of gachapon machines are on display, each with its own unique theme.

Aside from its novelty items, the Gachapon shop is also a good place to find rare and hard-to-find gadgets. Among the most sought-after gadgets are miniature key chains, costume jewelry, and a mini-game that gives you a chance to win one of the best capsule toys available.

Considering all that the Gachapon shop has to offer, it’s no wonder it’s a popular tourist destination. And with the 450 gachapon machines on display, you can expect to find plenty of new and interesting gadgets to play with every time you visit.

Tokyo Station

Gashapon (also known as gachapon) is a kind of capsule toy machine that is popular in Japan. The machines are located in various places and sell tiny items related to games or other characters.

They are a fun way to find a little piece of Japan. Capsule toys are inexpensive and are very creative. There are a variety of themes that you can choose from, including food, insects, culinary, and other things.

They are also available at a variety of locations, including retail and sightseeing information centers. You can also find them in train stations and at airports.

A popular place to get gashapon is at Yodobashi Camera. This store has over 60 gashapon machines. These machines feature miniature versions of Japanese landmarks.

Another popular location is the Tokyo Station. There are about 100 capsule toy machines there. Some of these machines are wall-to-wall, meaning you can see them at all times. Other gashapon machines are scattered throughout the station.

Gachapon are also available at the Haneda Airport. They’re often located in areas that specialize in anime or other Japanese pop culture.

One of the most popular anime series is Dragon Ball. Kids and anime fans love to collect their favorite characters. Most of these capsule toys are licensed, so you’ll find merchandise with characters like Pokemon and Sailor Moon.

If you want to bring some of these cute and unique souvenirs home, you can visit the Gashapon Department Store. This store features a fantastic assortment of toys. It’s open for business on February 26, and it offers a newsletter that updates visitors on the latest offerings.

As you can tell from the name, gashapon machines are a lot of fun. Not only are they an exciting way to add a bit of adventure to your trip, but they are also great for collectors.

MMO Cosmic Break

Cosmic Break Universal is a new MMO set in a distant future. It features a rich anime background and fast paced gameplay.

The game focuses on battling dark powers. You can select from a number of robots, each with its own skills and weapons. However, only one Ark has enough energy to defeat the evil Chaos.

Some robots are equipped with dual weapons. For instance, Akimbo can use a gun that resembles a Peashooter and a Gun Gatling. This weapon can double the speed and power of his melee attacks.

You can also get a “Moving Burst” upgrade. When Gashapon Machine you have this, the multi-melee-shotgun will rip through LND bots to shreds.

Other weapons include a spread fire weapon and a laser. Although they’re good for slicing through enemies, their range is rather limited.

There’s also a Stun Rod. This device will stun enemies. In addition, it can make them cry.

Another great power is the Wide Beam Gun. It’s cheap and easy to acquire. But, it only regenerates ammunition when not fired.

You’ll also want to check out the Stun Rod and the Multi Mega Beam Gun. These guns fire clusters of seven beam projectiles.

There are also several melee-attacking robots. Some of these have ramming attacks. Those that don’t have ramming attacks can use a Cartridge Step. They run through an enemy, give you a bonus attack, and then close in on them.

Overall, Cosmic Break is an entertaining robot-shooter MMO. However, some of the features may be a bit too complex for some players. Luckily, there are physical Starter Packs available for a much lower price than in-game purchases. Also, they can provide you with items that are otherwise unavailable.

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