Prices of Parent-Child Combination Slide Park Equipment

Prices of Parent-Child Combination Slide Park Equipment

Parentchild combination slide park equipment

When it comes to parent-child combination slides, you can expect a rainbow of colors and variety. The designs are also customizable depending on customer preferences. They are a fun way to interact with children and their parents, and they are easy to manage and maintain. In addition, they offer an enjoyable and safe environment for children of all ages.


If you are planning to purchase outdoor playground equipment, you should be aware that prices of similar products will vary greatly. The price of this outdoor parent-child combination slide is largely determined by its materials, functions, size and performance, and other factors. In addition, many products have their own pre-sale forms that you should know.

The process of ordering this parent-child combination slide park equipment takes one to two months from the time the order is placed. You can choose from different designs, such as Parent-child combination slide park equipment spirals, straight slides, and translucent slides. You can even choose a slide that embodies a specific theme. For example, a slide may be designed with a forest theme.

In addition to selling water park equipment, Dalang also provides theme planning services. The Guangdong Dalang Group has a team of professional water park theme planners. Their Guangzhou Dalang Tengyun Water Culture Design and Research Institute offers a full suite of pre-project planning services, theme landscape design, engineering construction technical guidance, and single-item design services.

Dalang is a parent-child combination slide park equipment

Dalang is a well-known manufacturer of water park equipment in China. They have a strong focus on designing and producing high-quality and safe water park Parent-child combination slide park equipment equipment. Their products are safe for both adults and children. They are produced according to GB/T standards and are made of durable plastic that is not only environmentally friendly but also has strong anti-static and anti-ultraviolet capabilities.

Prices of Dalang

Prices of parent-child combination slide park equipment are very competitive. However, you should check the product descriptions and ask for a local representative for the exact prices. Remember that these prices do not include the installation, surfacing, and shipping charges. Prices are also subject to change without notice.

Exit region of Dalang

The parent-child combination slide is one of the best partners of a parent-child amusement park. It is a kind of amusement equipment that is appropriate for both older and younger crowds, and is produced in accordance with the GB/T requirements, so it is safe and environmentally friendly.

To prevent injuries, slides must have an exit region. This area must have rounded edges, which prevent children from being cut as they exit. This area should also be free of entanglement hazards, such as clothing or body parts that could become tangled in play equipment. Additionally, the Exit Region must be at a suitable distance from the highest play surface.

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