Blue Bracket Big Water Slide Review

Blue Bracket Big Water Slide Review

Blue Bracket Big Water Slide

When looking for a water slide, there are several factors to consider before making your final decision. Here are a few of these factors to consider: Platform Height, Inflation, Built-in Drains, and Price. To help you make your decision, read on to learn more about the Blue Bracket Big Water Slide. We also talk about the Gator Mouth system and the safety features included. You’ll be happy you made this purchase after reading this article.

Price of Blue Bracket Big Water Slide

Depending on where you live, the price of a Blue Bracket Big Water Slide may vary. You’ll be glad you paid a little extra for the slide. These slides are great fun for kids and will make your home the coolest house on the block! Read on to learn more about these slides and how to get them for a great price. Also, don’t forget to check out our buying guide.

Platform Height of Blue Bracket Big Water Slide

The Blue Bracket Big Water Slide is a custom-designed inflatable water slide. It features a blue liner, 3D printed palm trees, and two sit platforms that are different heights. At the bottom, there’s a big pool. Built to withstand rough use, this water slide is safe to ride and follows ASTM guidelines. It’s a great addition to your rental inventory!

Inflated landing zone with built-in drains

The 16′ Super Wave Inflatable Water Slide is a crowd pleaser. Its large, inflated landing area is a perfect choice for any birthday party, school carnival, or special event. Its inflated landing zone is protected by built-in drains and is gender-neutral, making it perfect for both kids and adults. In addition, this unit can easily be converted into a wet bounce house slide with the help of a garden hose. Designed for all seasons, this unit is constructed of the highest-quality material. In addition, it has a ladder made of non-slip material and an inflated landing zone with built-in drains.

In addition, this slide features a heated sealing machine, which seals the seams of the pool area and slide. This helps reduce the risk of water leaking into the unit. Built-in drains on the Blue Bracket Big Water Slide help prevent accidents and promote safety. These slides are a great choice for church activities, private parties, and fundraisers.

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