Why Physical Activity is Important for your Kids?

Children have an inner urge to move. Movement trains children’s perception. Above all, spatial experience, body awareness, coordination skills, and a sense of balance are required and further developed. Bodily experiences can be understood as the immediate experience of the “I”. This is necessary for building self-confidence and for a positive sense of self-perception. Movement promotes metabolism and thus the strengthening of bones, the development of muscles and organs.

As soon as children can move, they enjoy e.g. B. Balls. You will learn that a ball keeps falling to the ground and that it can roll downsloping levels. You learn to assess and anticipate movements. As children become more mobile, they carry objects around the home seemingly without a plan and leave them lying around somewhere. They learn that objects look smaller from a distance than they do up close. 

At the same time, they expand their spatial experience. Climbing on, under, and in furniture also trains spatial perception and body awareness. Balance and gravity challenges are encouraged with swings, spins, hops, knee-rider games, and flying in parents’ arms. A spring mattress or an inflatable castle, an inclined plane (slide), hammock. You can contact different inflatable castle wholesale suppliers to order one for your kids. 

Play is one thing you can never take away from children; it’s a normal part of their well-being as adolescents. Physical activity can help your child grow strong and full of enthusiasm.

If you don’t allow your child to play, they may become sad or angry. Therefore, it is important that you allow your children to go outside and have fun with their friends. It makes them happier and it’s just part of their life as a kid.

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