My Two Most Favorite Bluesky Christmas Gel Polish Colors This Year

Do you like the gel nail polish colors for your Christmas this year? My two most favorite Bluesky gel nail polish Christmas colors are Blue Christmas and My Only Wish by Bluesky. 

Bluesky Christmas Gel Polish Colors:

BLUESKY Christmas gel nail polish shades are not only classy but the colors are vibrant and bright. These nail shades are very durable and long-lasting as well. They can last up to 14 days without chipping, cracking, or fading.


This is a really nice dark navy blue shade, perfect for winter and very appropriate for Christmas. This is the color of a hot summer sky at sunset, or of blue topaz. Cooler than blue, it’s a color that gives you a sense of depth and distance. 

It’s a color for self-possessed people, confident about their place in the world. The formula is also very good, it applies very smoothly and evenly so you can get a great finish in just two coats.


This is another one of my favorites and probably going to be my most used shade this winter. It’s a Parisian red shade with just a touch of silver glitter, which makes it look really rich. Warm, energetic, it suggests both imagination and action. It goes well with gold and copper and brown; it’s good with black but it can be overpowering so must be used carefully with white and blue-violet and brown.

The most important thing is that these nail polishes are 100% toxin-free and they do not harm your health in any way unlike other nail polishes available in the market which contain harmful chemicals that affect our health adversely in the long run. The gel nail polish by Bluesky is totally different from the conventional ones available in the market. 

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