BLUESKY Builder Gel: Easy Application, Shiny Nails

Do you ever wish you could have perfect nails all the time? I have a product that will help you achieve the perfect manicure for any occasion. Find out more about BLUESKY Builder Gel and how it can help you have beautiful nails.

BLUESKY Builder Gel:

The Bluesky Builder Gel is a one-step solution for bonding, building, and sealing – created for nail technicians who want the strongest, most beautiful nails possible.

BLUESKY Builder Gel is a unique formulation of builder monomer, polymer, adhesion promoter, and activator dyes. It forms a smooth, non-sticky film for great bond strength and easy filing. And it’s all in one!

BLUESKY Builder Gel is easily applied with a brush or with the convenient built-in applicator – and only takes 30 seconds to cure. Your clients’ nails will be much stronger than if you use other gels on the market, with no lifting or chipping. This means you’ll get more return appointments!

And when you use BLUESKY Builder Gel on natural nails prior to artificial nail application, it also forms an excellent seal that prevents staining!

Polish your nails with Bluesky Builder Gel. Give yourself glossy, long-lasting, strong, and beautiful nails, and be at the top of your style game right now!

Key Benefits and Features:

  • Easy application with a brush that contains the right amount of gel, eliminates under-the-nail running. 
  • A tough shiny coat that seals in moisture and helps heal nail bed cuticles. 
  • Stronger, same durable gel for longer wear and tear for Gel Nails.

The Takeaway:

BLUESKY Builder Gel for your natural nail is easy to apply and helps you get a shiny look and stronger nails. With lots of different colors to choose from, you’ll be able to match your preferences and nail length. With unique durability and hardness, this gel can make nails wear for a long time under any conditions!

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