My Top 3 Favorite Shades From BLUESKY Winter 2021 Collection

Every season, BLUESKY Gel Polish comes out with a new collection of colors as part of their seasonal line. For the Winter 2021 Gel Polish Collection, WEAR CONFIDENCE IN WINTER,  there’re some standout colors that are sure to catch your eye. These are my top 3 favorite shades from the winter 2021 Bluesky gel polish collection. I’m showing them in a specific order but you should pick your favorites for yourself!

My Favorite BLUESKY Winter 2021 Collection Shades:

With the “Wear Confidence” gel polish palettes, you can express your style even on a dull,  winter day. The palette is designed to complement your moods and styles so that you can dare to make the most daring nail designs without any hesitation. The following are some of my favorite shades from that collection.


The first shade is Jade Green Hue, a perfect winter shade for your nails. It is deeply pigmented, and the formula is fantastic, very easy to apply, and super smooth. You will get full coverage in two easy coats and it dries quickly with a glossy finish. 


Next, we have Purple Hue, a classy deep purple perfect for a vibrant, warm day. Again, the formula and pigmentation are great; it’s very easy to apply and the brush is thin enough so that you can easily do thin lines or detailed designs if you want to.


My third favorite shade is Gray Hue. This deep greyish shade is perfect for winter! It goes with everything and anything you could possibly put on your nails. It looks great with silver jewelry as well as just about any color outfit!

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