An Ultimate Guide To Mixing Tank

Mixing tanks have become a necessity for many commercial and residential clients due to the fact commercial printing comes with a lot of color limitations. But where does the mixing tank come from? What do they do? What can you mix in them? I’ve got all the answers you need in this ultimate guide to mixing tanks.

Mixing Tank:

A mixing tank is a type of container that is used for a variety of different applications. A mixing tank is generally a container that is used to mix ingredients together in order to produce a product. 

What is special about these containers is their ability to have the inside surface area of the tank be separate from the liquids being used inside. 

A mixing tank can be defined as a type of vessel that has a bowl shape, has a relatively small height, and measures up to 5000 liters. There are various components on some tanks that project some type of liquid through the use of some type of pump or another pressurized mechanism.

Designed for high-speed mixing applications, the Mixing Tank employs a unique design that allows the tank to be used in a variety of directions. With a maximum load of 1000 pounds, most mixing tank series is ideal for crushing and mixing materials. 

Thanks to an easily adjustable multi-head agitator and a belt drive system, mixing tanks are a perfect choice for a clean mix every time.

The Takeaway:

A mixing tank is a special kind of vessel for mixing fluids and or materials together. Mixing tanks can be used internally and externally and may be constructed of plastic, fiberglass, stainless steel, aluminum, carbon steel, and many other materials. 

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