Investment casting process

The ancient process which is used to obtain difficult metal shapes with high accuracy is known as investment casting.  There are different types of investment casting but the most suitable method used for obtaining complex shapes is the custom silica sol casting method.

In this method, the molding material is silica sol zircon. The main purpose of using this material as a molding agent is that it can withstand temperatures up to 2000 degrees. Silica sol casting is expensive as compared to other casting procedures but highly accurate results compensate for the price.

Function of silica sol in investment casting:

Silica sol is highly preferable in lost wax or investment casting because of its unique properties. Silica sol is a type of colloidal solution which is soluble in water. It can saturate any place where water plays its role. During the process, when moisture is evaporated from the silica sol material, it acts as a great adhesive because oxygen and silicon are firmly bound together which helps in adhering to the material.

Where custom silica sol casting is used?

The casted parts obtained through silica sol casting are widely used in automobiles, trains, railways, pumps, valves, construction machinery, internal combustion engines, marine industries, marine transports, and more.

Best supplier of custom silica sol casting:

Lantian Precision Casting and Machining is the best supplier of casting parts of every type of investment casting. Their highly-qualified team entertains their customers through the best products with express delivery. Besides silica sol casting, you can buy casting materials related to carbon steel casting, water glass casting, etc.

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