Endoscope; an important invention

The Field of medical technology is progressing day by day. Every day, new technology is invented which is used for treating various diseases. However, the medical equipment is categorized as surgical and non-surgical. Surgical equipment is that equipment that is used during an operation to diagnose the problem. Surgical equipment is used for cutting the body. On the other hand, non-surgical equipment is those that are not used for making incisions in the body. They are painless and are used in various ways. The important non-surgical milestone in the field of medical technology is an endoscope.

An endoscope consists of two words. Endo means “inside” and scope means “to see”. An endoscope is advanced non-invasive equipment that is used to view inside the body. It consists of a long flexible tube that is inserted from the openings of the body.

For treating gastrointestinal and trachea problems, it is inserted from the mouth. And for diagnosing the large intestine it is usually inserted from the anus. The process is painless and almost takes 20-30 minutes to finish. The results are collected instantly because doctors can diagnose the internal problem at the spot. 

The process of inserting endoscopes in the human body for diagnosing the problem is known as Endoscopy. It is mostly recommended by doctors that before doing endoscopy, it is compulsory that the patient should stop eating for almost 8 hours.

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